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Secret Access To ALL iPhone6-Stocked Apple Stores!!

Hey there, BarbLing (18+ year veteran marketer) here. But like you, I have a life beyond marketing.... one that includes my passel of kids, mooses and spouse of 21 years.

Tell me now. Did you ever get an insane desire to snap up a hugely popular goodie.... and witness the following?

waiting in line for iphone6

Yep, that's my husband, waiting on line back in September when it was released. The lines were out the door and down the side by 7am!

It was sold out in hours.


But did you know the following.....

There ARE individual stores where you can GET the iPhone 6+... TODAY!

But before we continue, allow me to introduce you to the stars of my story!

Honorable Husband and Me!

Husband and me and no iPhone!

So back to what I was saying.

There ARE iPhone 6&6+s around!

Not many right now, mind you. But a few.

Thing is.... if you look today for these mythical beasties... chances are, the trip will be a waste. But.....

Wouldn't it be great if
YOU Could Save Your Spouse/ Friends/Loved Ones...
From THIS?

Him: "Wife! Let us check the Verizon store!"

Me: "Jeepers Husband, what a GREAT IDEA! Let's go!"

"Look what I found!"


My Poor Spouse!

But you know... light was about to be shed on the horizon!

Turns out, there IS one secret place that will tell you instantly what stores actually have the iPhone 6/6+:

In what Color

For what Carrier

If it's a Phone 6 OR iPhone 6+

In ANY Zipcode or country!....

So you will be the FIRST TO KNOW when it arrives in your neck of the woods!

Think about it...

Every day, more and more stores will get in more and more stock... but you have to be In The Know!

Wouldn't YOU want to be alerted the instant the stores near you....

Get their iPhone6+ available for purchase? In stock? Waiting for you?


Guaranteed.... the next batch of iPhone 6 will sell out just as quick!

So for the recap....

Wouldn't it be great if you can instantly KNOW when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ appear in stores... ahead of the thundering herd?

'course it would! Think of how much profit being the first can give you!

Well guess what....

You Can Have The Solution
In Your Hands In LESS Than 30 Seconds.

It's quick, it's simple, and I've even pulled together a How-To-Use guide for your benefit!


Instant iPhone6 Availability Seeker

A quick, easy to use guide that will show you exactly how to:

Be the FIRST to zero in on stores that HAVE the iPhone 6+ in stock

Narrow search by carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Unlocked/T-Mobile)

Narrow search by colors (Gray, Silver, Gold!)

Narrow search by sizes (16GB, 64GB, 128GB!)

Again - this is a VERY simple, easy to read report that walks you through a very simple, easy-to-use site that will immediately give you the most up-to-date knowledge about where your network can get their iPhone 6s! (and it's dimesale so the price rises every time your competitor buys...)


And get this... there's even a special Make Money with iPhone 6+ chapter in it. I give you 7 different ways you can profit with the iPhone 6+ ... 7!

I think you'll see this is severely underpriced. Guaranteed... you'll love what you learn!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

PS - Sure you could pass this up but with the big huge new iPhone 6/6+ shipment coming soon, plus the insane popularity it is experiencing worldwide.... iPhone fans are a guaranteed proven audience that is hungry to buy!

PPS - and IF a family member or friend of yours is one of those zillions of folks who love iPhone/Apple/etc. products... they'll love to know about this too!