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Gifts From The HeartWelcome!
If you've come across this site, chances are that you want to learn how generate a profit from your passion of collectibles, heirlooms and antiques. Certainly, you've heard of folks just like you and me who have made a bundle did they do it? What resources exist that can help you zero in to the targeted success you desire?

You're in for a treat, because this site has pulled together some of the most cutting-edge Internet marketing resources and products you can uncover online and apply to your particular specialized niche.. Instead of approaching business profitabilty in a haphazard fashion, you can learn from the pros, the folks who have already a profitable income, and then adapt their methods to your own personal goals and desires. I should know - I've been an online marketer for years and have successfully produced and sold rather cutting-edge products in specific industries that have won top recognition by their most powerful organizations and reviewers.

And not only that - I personally know the pleasures that your collectibles niche affords you! A devout devotee of garage sales and estate auctions, my favorite kinds of collectibles range from Telephone insulators (still looking for that Ohio Twiggs!) to Albert Payson Terhune and Ernest Thompson Seton to Satsuma Ware to ... well, lots of things. Raised in a house that has a shrine to Thomas Edison, I'm probably one of the only people on the face of this planet who can recite Henry's Music Lesson by heart. Finding awesome hits at garage sales (my pinnacle moment was uncovering a $18,000 Henredon Bedroom set for $1,200) is simply the way I relax.

What is the solution you want to create?
Ever hear about different marketing techniques online, and wanted to learn how to include them in your own collectibles or heirlooms business? Click on the below to start your journey (for your convenience, I've listed the resources in alphabetical order).

Have you ever wanted to understand why some sites receive top ten visibility on the Internet, while others appear to be invisible? Or the best ways to craft those followup automatic marketing campaigns? Or how you can create your own infoproduct and sell it online? What about the secrets to copy that sells?

You'll find all of the above and more on this site.

Barbara lingBefore we go any further I want to tell you a little more about myself and why I can share this information with you. I'm nationally known as one of the top Internet recruiting trainers and Internet sleuthing/researching technique developers, wrote the bestselling infoproduct on Internet recruiting entitled The Internet Recruiting Edge, took that infoproduct and created my seminar company RISE from it, created The Real Estate Pro's Internet Edge that became a Product Pick for the real estate industry, appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show for my experiences with Avoiding The Contractor From Hell (turned that nightmare into an infoproduct as well) and more.

  • Deloitte Touche
  • Continental Airlines
  • Campbell Soup
  • American Chemistry Society
  • Intellimark
  • National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses
  • New Hampshire Society of Human Resource Management
  • Massachussetts Society of Human Resource Management

I've been an online mover and shaker now since 1988 and can now share with you the shortcuts I wish I had back when I was starting out.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your time!

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