🌠 6 Second Bigger Faster Better Video Ads Revenue?

Ever wish you knew the closely guarded secret of maximizing your video marketing return?

I mean, isn’t it wonderful to have people buy simply based upon your video?

But here’s the thing – sometimes (perhaps 99% of the time) people lack the time and/or patience to watch an entire video presentation.

And that’s maddening, right? You spend all this time crafting the perfect video message right down to the set design, actors used (or even powerpoint templates cobbled together via Windows MovieMaker), shave off seconds so the entire video is under a minute and a half…

… and unless it’s intriguing to the point of Hollywood Epic trailers, people *still* find their attention fluttering away to the next shiny object that seductively coos its way.

Chances are, if you’ve done any sort of video marketing, creation, or editing, you can imagine just how frustrating the above can be.

But! Once you *have* mastered the Incredible Lightness of Making Sweeet Videos that enhance your bottom line… you’ll discover your income hitches a ride on Superman’s cape (aka goes in the UP direction) instead of donning on neon-blue lead socks (aka traveling in the DOWN direction).

Such a Promised Land, aye?

Visit that land often?

If not, you’ll love what Google just revealed:


and in a nutshell:

“The tool uses machine learning to take relevant moments from longer videos and automatically convert them into the shorter ad units.”

In other words, this Bumper Machine takes

Interestingly enough, “bumper ads” were first introduced on YouTube back in 2016. Almost a lifetime ago, if you measure it in Internet years.

Such a topic could lend itself to a digital product cheatsheet as well. You could break it down into:

Step 1.) Brush Up On The Best Area Practices regarding Video Marketing

Step 2.) Review some of the BEST Bumper ads to get inspiration

Step 3.) Put both those steps together and create Your First Bumper!

Resources to help with the above include:





Your takeaway?

If you take advantage of video advertising… consider this nifty upgraded Bumper Machine that YouTube now is offering….

It could help you increase your video profits for the future.


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