November 17, 2009

101 Crazy Simple Black Friday 2009 Tips, Goodies and Resources That Will Save You BIG Bucks

Black Friday


As you might know, the next major holiday in the US is Black Friday (prefaced by that almost unacknowledged time of family enjoyment, Thanksgiving).

"Black Friday" is the day AFTER Thanksgiving, where theoretically you can receive awesome deals that would make Monty Hall weep with joy! 

But the question now arises, gentle reader….how on EARTH can you find the BEST deals regarding Black Friday for 2009?

Fear not!  For I have uncovered for you the following 101 nifty neat resources that will help YOU make the most.  Enjoy!

General All Purpose Black Friday Sites

Retail/Coupon Black Friday Forums Sites

Twitter Black Friday Resources

Want to follow the WHOLE list?  Click below!

Barbara Ling’s 2009 Black Friday Twitter List

Black Friday Facebook

Black Friday iPhone Apps


And of course, I’d be most remiss if I neglected:

2009 Black Friday Shopping Tips!

Black Friday Safety Tips

Black Friday in the News

So there you go!  101 (give or take a weeee bit) Black Friday 2009 resources for you.  Talk about being prepared – do let me know the bargains you find!

Neat, eh?


Barbara Ling

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