Covertly Coming Clean (Part 1)

The Virtual Coach is dead.

Ling live the Virtual Coach!

You know, it's been a great run.  From 1997 until about 2 months ago, I've doing business in my own particular unique way….

  • From making $250K my first year of entrepreneuring by being the first person with the right product at the right time with the right mentor in the right industry… (Internet Recruiting Edge, sold at $149/copy)


  • Designing from inception to presentation the RISE Internet Recruiting seminars in 3 months (debuted on Sept 21st, 1999)


  • Starting to focus on Internet marketing, real estate, writing ebooks, eBay (ended  up creating over 30 infoproducts)


  • Breaking the Google Code in 2004-2005 (sweetness beyond belief, cleared over 20K each month from eBay, Amazon, Google, etc.)


  • Focusing on my family from 2006 on (still kept me online business, mind you!)


well, to now.

Actually, NOT now – to 2 months ago.

It was then that everything I've experienced over the past few years (years where I was focused on the family, but still keeping myself in the marketing groove) came together with a huuuuuge cosmic bang!

And I put into motion my secret covert plans on completely reinventing myself and my business.

For the past two months, I have been feverishly working behind the scenes on the new YOU.

Did you catch that?

Yes indeed, I did say, the new YOU.

And what does that mean?

Well, I recently sat down, steepled my fingers together and said to myself,

"Self, what do I do differently than the 8,493,298 other trainers/coaches out there?"

And the answer came to me faster than Apple gets mobbed when they release new products.

I make buying from me….FUN.  Not to mention extremely VALUABLE.

It's something I've never really promoted, but folks who have interacted with me KNOW.

Life was meant to be enjoyed, and growing your business was meant to be exciting and satisfying to boot.  Sure, you could learn from rote or simple instructions or what have you…but I teach with the dynamic humor, common sense and straight talk you'd normally enjoy from standup comedy routines, intimate gatherings of friends and the like.

Time I start highlighting that!

So….do stay tuned indeed.  Because I want you to benefit as well, I'll be chronicling my daily adventures and thoughts as the weeks go by.  I think you'll find them most insightful indeed!

And what's my next step, I hear you ask?

Well, it's certainly NOT site redesign, as I've hired the ultimate BEST one could ever uncover in this quadrant of the galaxy!

Instead, I'm working on finishing the overall look and feel for my Weekly Expert Sales site.  So far, I've added these products:

I'm thinking about adding a Facebook Fan Page product (I read it, it's really good)…but don't really like the copy that was provided with it.  So I'm now updating it with my own.

And that's where I am today!  Hopefully, I'll be able to post an update later on, but wow….it just feels soooo GOOD to have my direction carved out for me in indelible ink.  🙂

Have a fabulously wondrous day,

Barbara Ling

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