9 Must See Fabulous Fresh Friday Failures

Morning all,

Continuing with my Happy Joyful Spirit of Grumpiness, I figured I should close the week with these must-see gems of fabulous failures.  Don’t try this at home, and be sure to click on the pictures to read more!


At least they’re honest….

more Scheduling FAIL at FAIL Blog

It’s a Hair Tint Thing

more Blonde FAIL at FAIL Blog

The opposite of Walking the Walk…

more Fire FAIL pictures at FAIL

The Precursor to Great Adventure

more Ride FAIL at FAIL Blog

Only in America…

more Toll Booth FAIL at FAIL

When Ships Fly and Forget To Sail

more Sail FAIL at FAIL Blog

I see a future in EMONESS

more Kindergarten FAIL at FAIL Blog

Things you never think are locked….

more School Bus FAIL at FAIL Blog

Sometimes RSS Feeds Are a Dangerous Thing….

more Group FAIL at FAIL Blog

With that, have a super weekend everyone.  🙂

Barbara Ling


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ps – speaking about failures….

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