Black Friday tips and tricks

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Black FridayMorning!

Today is Black Friday!  If you’re an individual who adores living on the cutting edge of utter insanity, you might be seized by a delightful urge to brave the traffic and pounce on the superDeDuper sales that are currently screaming for your attention.

And if so, I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t offer you some excellent advice to ensure you make the most of your courageous adventure! 

And let’s begin:

1.)  Be aware of time!

Many retailers will not only offer bargains for this Friday, but even more so if you arrive, say, before 12 noon and the like.  Thus, if you’re reading this article at 1pm, you’re kinda sorta out of luck.  :)

2.)  Hunt down Early Bird Savings

Not only might prices be less at a particular time, but savvy stores will stock up on popular items with the caveat, No Rain Checks!  Thus, once they’re sold out…they’re history, they made like a drum and beat it!  Here’s where your friend The Internet and various/sundry coupons/circulars will be your buddy for life – you can uncover super bargains via home store web sites.

3.)  Wear nice warm comfy clothes

Especially if you’re standing on line at a God-forsaken hour while your ears are slowing being frozen into rock-hard flapjacks stuck to the side of your head…you want to make certain you’ve dressed appropriately to handle the Arctic temperatures.  After all, if the doors open and you’re more cold than absolute zero, chances are…the other insane shoppers will probably mow over you once the starting bell has run.

4.)  Know where your prey resides

Looking for women’s clothing?  PS3s?  Caviar?  Make a beeline STRAIGHT to where your goal is beckoning with open arms.   Other peoples might simply want to stroll calmly about the store, gazing upon the yummy bargains that are beckoning like a siren’s call….not you!  If necessary, use GPS satellite tracking to ensure the precise location of your life’s desire.

5.)  Tag Team!

If you have a shopping buddy, split up the responsibilities and let your friend pounce on one set of bargains while you plow over other shoppers in search of the rest.  A corollary to this is for you both to practice the art of tripping shoppers in front of you, opening that crucial space required for a mad dash to the final sale.  Tag teams can work wonders this way.  :)

Looking for online help?  Check out:

This should give you plenty of great resources to help you plan out your Friday.  Me, well, after having driven 1,900 miles in the past 4 days…I’m just giving myself a well-deserved rest and letting my fingers do the walking on  It’s much more gentle on my sanity.  :)


Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about Black Friday, have you seen today’s current deals?

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