Define “Blossom” – Day 1 of 7 Days to Making Your Blog Blossom

7 Days to Making Your Blog BlossomGood morning and hello!

The interest I’ve seen from my 21 Days to a More Profitable Blog has led me to start developing other tutorials to help you achieve your blogging goals.  

Earlier today I was debating on what to focus, when my husband showed me his latest photographs that he had taken of our garden.  They were so superb I simply had to include them in my latest artwork!!  But an opportunity then arose….

About what blogging  topic can I teach that deals with flowers?

Well, if I was writing a gardening blog, that answer is obvious…but what else do blogs and flowers have in common?

Simple of course – they both can blossom!

And thus….a tutorial was born.  🙂  So let’s begin!  

Tell me now.  When you think about your blog blossoming, what comes to mind?

Is it….

  • Getting more subscribers to your RSS feed?
  • Getting more commenters?
  • Having more blogs refer to your articles?
  • Bringing in more money?
  • Being viewed as a Subject Matter Expert?
  • Building your own personal community?

Well….what is it?

Don’t be shy!  This is certainly NOT the time to be shy!  You have every right to give yourself permission to see your blog achieve your wildest fantasies….after all, with the kind of effort you’re capable of dedicating to it, you simply deserve to see fantastic results.

So!  Let’s talk a bit about what a blossoming blog entails…and that brings me to:

Before you begin – Focus on one blossoming goal.

Exploring the previous ideas in more detail, consider what’s REALLY required to achieve your goals:

Getting more subscribers to your RSS feed?

You should ensure your RSS feed icon is blatantly visible on your main page, provide a "Why Subscribe" sales page, perhaps offer a bonus only available to people who DO subscribe, maybe run a contest for subscribers……

Gaining more commenters?

You should install CommentLuv, add other related commenting plugins, respond to comments on your blog, proactively visit other blogs that have CommentLuv and comment there, encourage people to comment on your own blog in every post…..

Having more blogs refer to your articles?

You should write link-worthy articles.  How-to guides, 101 Uses for Something Really Hilarious Yet Totally Obscure, 7 Awesomely Easy Techniques to Become Australian, How I Defeated 73 Arrogant Uptight PTA Parents With Only A Pulverized iPhone….things of that nature.   Helpful articles, funny articles, edgy articles, controversial articles (which, I might add, only bloggers in their 40s can successfully pull off), etc.

Bringing in more money?

Monetize!  Monetize!  Monetize!  Everything you do on your blog, tastefully….monetize.  My 21 Days to a Profitable Blog Tutorial will guide you on that.

Being viewed as a Subject Matter Expert?

Contact respected industry niche sites/associations/organizations/magazines/newsletters/etc. and offer to write a column for them, write a book, give a seminar, give an eseminar, put up video tutorials on YouTube……

Building your own personal community?

Add a forum to your site!

So…with all of the above, on what do you want to focus?

One you’ve hammered that out, proceed to:

Step 1 – Ask yourself….

Based upon your blossoming goal, how can you slant your blog to make it welcoming in that particular niche?  ie, if you want to blossom income-wise, how you can tailor your welcome to enhance that goal?  If you want to blossom subscriber-wise, how can you portray your blog so that when people arrive, they’re immediately seized by an insane desire to subscribe to your feed?

Answering this question isn’t as difficult as you might think!  Simply sit back and first, take a quick look at the visual aspect of your blog.  What catches your eye?  That thingee that catches your eye…does it work towards compelling you to subscribe or spend money or comment or what have you?

Next, take a long hard look at your blog.  Let it marinate in your mind.  Step away from the computer for an hour or so…and then return.  Do you have the same reactions upon looking at it for a second time?

Next, ask your colleagues to do the same!  After all, that’s why we all Twitter, right?  To help one other out? You’d be surprised at how much great input you can receive from your fellow bloggers and online colleagues if you simply ask.

Once this step is complete, bravely move towards:

Step 2 – Write from the heart

One of the best ways to compel visiors to view your blog as unique and worth remembering is to develop your own unique blogging voice…and one of the easiest ways to do this is simply write from the heart.


Nobody ELSE can duplicate your passion, because nobody else…is YOU!

Passion cannot be faked.  Okay, nix that, passion certainly CAN be faked….but it’s reeeeaaaally difficult to maintain that fraud day after day, week after week, you know?  🙂

I’ve always been able to generate an instant following because I always write from the heart.  People might hate my insights or might worship the ground upon which I float after having lost 50-odd pounds these past 17 months or might whatever…but they certainly stay around to hear more.    And that’s because I have developed my own zany way of communicating that makes people laugh, it makes people smile, it teaches people what they want to know and delivers a rollicking good time to boot!

You can do the same.  Never forget that.

And finally, proudly move to:

Step 3 – Give readers their OWN edge

It’s human nature.  People always look out for number one. 

Answer me this one question:

What does your blog give your readers that gives THEM an edge over their peers/colleagues?

Subscribe!Achieve that particular goal…and people will flock to read your postings.  For example, people who read my blog get the edge over their colleagues regarding making money, learning how to make money from the future, can point out insane luxuries and more.  And once readers realize they simply HAVE to subscribe, they don’t have to hunt around for the Why Subscribe page – it’s smack-dab in front of their face.


Remember!  Before your blog can blossom, you need to really internalize what your own personal goals are….and then:

Methodically plan out the steps required to make that happen.

It takes time…sure…but then again, all great worthy things in life do! 

And that brings me to:

In closing

In this lesson, you learned how to define a blossoming goal for your blog.  It’s not difficult at all…but it DOES require you to be honest with yourself and take the time to really interalize just what you desire your future success to be.

And of course (you really didn’t think I’d close a post without this now, did you?)  an opportunity now arises! 

(remember, there’s no such things as problems in real life – just misunderstood opportunities)…..

HOMEWORK –  You know your blooming goal for your website – how will you make that apparent in your blog welcome?

How can you accomplish this?  Hmmmm?  :)

Thus, until tomorrow!  (and don’t forget, if you think any of your friends would benefit from these tutorials, please do share them!  They’ll thank you for it…guaranteed).


Barbara Ling

#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners blog blossoming tips: Focus on one goal at a time.

Intermediate and/or Advanced blog blossoming tips: If you’re comfortable parallel processing 36 different things at once, consider focusing on 3 or 4 blog blossoming goals.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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ps – speaking about blossoms!


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