How To Quickly Add Google Plus 1 (Google +1 Button, Google Google Google) to your Site

If you needed any more proof that SEO is out and social proof/search is in, look no further than Google’s latest thingee, Google Plus 1.

Sigh.  Things were so much easier back in 1997 when all you had to do was play around with caps in your meta tags.

But I digress.

Google +1 is Google’s answer to Facebook on how to let people flag your page.  When added to your site code, it presents a cute little adorable button that lets people say:

“Oooo cute little adorable button!  Let me click it and publicize the article!”

No, I’m not jaded, whyever would you ask?  🙂

You can access the Google Plus 1 button thingee at your Google Webmaster’s account over at

Google Plus 1 Your Site

I’ve already added it to my Mama Bear site and will get it up here shortly (once I figure out how to hack the Thesis code to do so!).

Want more info?  Check out these great vids:




And if you’d like to see what others are saying, check out:

Only time will tell how this will….or will not….be quite the Facebook killer.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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