Happily Astonish Your Loved Ones By This One Simple Trick



Tell me now.

  • Do the people you love have a cell phone?

To be more precise….

  • A cell phone on which they can view pictures?

If so, imagine the following:

You're at the gym or the office or jumping out of an airplane when all of a sudden, you receive a text message from your loved one that basically says, ANGST ANGST ANGST!

Wouldn't it be peachy if you could immediately zip over a cheerful friendly image or a feel-better-soon graphic before 14 seconds passed?

Think about it.  One of the best things you can do for your friends and family is proactively showcase how important they are to you…and trust me, when they receive a happy message/picture from you, it will pick up their spirits….like nothing else!

And here's how to do it.

Step 1.)  Go to Google Images and search for your particular brand of pick-me-up.

I like sending wolves, happy faces, rainbows, and mooses to my family.  So….I looked up a bunch of happy images and saved them to my computer.  Speaking of which:

Step 2.)  Create a new folder on your computer desktop and save the images you find there.

Need help to create a new folder?  How to create a new folder gives it to you!

Once you have that new folder created, name it something like "CheerUp".  Save all of the image you like into that folder.

Step 3.)  eMail those images to YOUR phone.

After all, when your friend or family members needs a pickup, you might NOT be at your computer!

Learn how to email your photos over at How to easily send photos TO a cell phone…but FROM your computer!

Step 4.)  Save your photos to your phone gallery.

When your emailed photos come into your phone, you can save them to your own phone photos.  Do that.  And then you're done!


Now, the next time someone you love is down, you can send them via your phone a fantastic humorous or loving or character-building photo….and let them know just how important they and their feelings are to you.

Nice, eh?

I did that last week when Honorable Daughter 1 was on her school trip. She wasn't as thrilled as she could possibly be, so besides making excruciatingly painful jokes for her (what do you get when you mix a ninja with a ball-point pen?  Invisible ink!), I sent her the best possible cheer-up photos she could image:

A picture of the 5ft-piledup laundry cart.

She perked up bigtime after that, let me tell you.  🙂


Barbara Ling

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