Make money with high gas prices – 109+ Resources and Ideas

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Pain at the PumpMorning!

Unless you’re a fossilized clam, or perhaps have been quick-frozen in marshmallow carbonite, you’re probably aware that gas prices (especially in the USA) have increased a weeeee bit …

kinda sorta like an avalanche offers a weee bit of snow or a hurricane bestows a weee bit of raindrops or yours truly drinks a weee bit of coffee or :)  …

and have risen faster than a rollercoaster ascends the skies (but, alas, hasn’t dropped off and leveled as quickly either).

And while it truly would be peachy-neat to ignore this fact of life, reality remains.  It’s freakin’ expensive to fill up a MommyMobile ($67 for my Dodge Caravan over the weekend)!!  Of course, this means that less driving will be done, alternative driving options will be uncovered, and a new lifestyle will be embraced with all the passion of a parent comforting a bodily-fluid-encrusted sick child (it has to be done, but wow, it’s amazing how truly icky being smeared with said bodily fluids can be).


Well then, if dems de fax, all that remains is for you to say to yourself:

Jeepers Self, I can make money with all these high gas prices!

And here’s how.

Point!Before you begin

Get ready for tons of research.  ‘Matter of fact, brew up 3 extra pots of coffee or tea.  You’ll need it.

Point!Step 1.)  Ask yourself, am I a master of portal building?

If the answer is yes, you’ll want to build a portal site that deals with high gas prices solutions.  IE, perhaps something about mopeds or scooters (costs less to fill up), a guide to local attractions so parents don’t have to drive to Nebraska to amuse the kids, a site about mass transportation, etc. 

NicheQuake is an excellent resource to assist you in this.

Point!Step 2.)  Ask yourself, do I want to write daily about beating high gas prices?

If so, you’ll want to build a profitable blog.   My guide, No Hype, Only Results – 21 Days to a More Profitable Blog, would be useful there.

Point!Step 3.)  Ask yourself, about what topic relating to high gas prices would interest me?

I’ve found that actually wanting to learn more about something helps me create far superior content in my sites.

Need some content topics regarding high gas prices?  How ’bout:

  • How to keep your car tuned to increase your gas mileage
  • How to choose a gas-conscious car
  • All about electric cars
  • All about smart cars
  • All about hybrid cars
  • Staycations
  • How to save money at the pump
  • Fuel banks
  • How to find effective carpools
  • How to maximize your driving habits
  • How to choose a moped/scooter
  • Best ways to earn gas cash back
  • Bus riding tips
  • Master hypermilling
  • How to amuse kids without roadtrips

Point!Step 4.)  Once you’ve chosen your topic, build your site and prepare for monetization.

I always like including links for eBay and Amazon related products on all my make money sites.  But if you don’t want to hand-build pages, you can always take advantage of resources like:

Those three resources take the pain out of site building….and help you jump-start the creation of a money-making niche website.  For example, if you blog about increasing your car’s mileage, you can include links to car maintance products and mauals….if you build a site about scooters, you can include links for the most popular electric scooter brands today.

Finally, you can:

Point!Step 5.)  Write your own ‘Beat High Gas Prices’ tutorial and package it as an ebook.

After you’ve built your site or started blogging, chances are, the research you’ve done will give you enough material to write and package your money and time-saving tips into an ebook.  And if you sign up at Clickbank or eJunkie, you can then build a huge list of affiliate individuals who will market your book for you in return for a commission share.  I’m in the process of doing that meself (but with Camp Ling and everything else on my plate, it’s taking a weeeee bit longer than I had anticipated).


High gas prices are a fact of life today.  Why not make money from it as well?

And of course, today’s tip wouldn’t be a Barbara Ling posting unless I gave you some rather neat resources to jumpstart your research!  Visit the following links and see what ideas they spark for your own Make Money with High Gas Prices endeavors:

Hope you find them useful!

Oh, and to walk the walk I talk, interested in scooters or mopeds?  Lookie at the bargains has to offer you!


Barbara Ling

#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners Make money with high gas prices tips: Try to think in terms of Solutions.  ie, Save Money With High Gas Prices (turn that into frugal living), Staycations For Profit, etc.

Intermediate and/or Advanced Make money with high gas prices tips: Build a whole portal/blog that embeds your affiliate links with style and grace.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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ps – and if you’d like to regale yourself with eBay goodies, lookie at:

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  1. A blog about beating high gas prices…hmm.  This looks like some excellent advice!  I definitely agree with Step 2.  If you are thinking of starting a blog, be sure it is on a topic that you are passionate about.  Writing daily on a topic gets pretty difficult after 2 or 3 months.  This is about the timeframe where most bloggers give up and quit.  If you really have a passion for your topic, then it can help you get through these tough times. 

    Thanks for highlighting my article on beating high gas prices with a staycation!

    Jeff@MySuper-Charged Life’s last blog post..Charitable Giving Important Even During Economic Downturn

  2. @Kim,

    Thanks for the stumble and visiting my site!

    @Jeff – my pleasure for highlighting your article – it’s quite good!

    Best wishes, Barbara

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