April 7, 2010

Expert Marketing iPad Style – Tips, Tricks and More


If you've had a pulse for more than, say, 3 minutes, you're probably aware of the most awesomely awesome iPad that will be revolutionizing…well, not only fresh coffee production but the way we do business as well.

And if you're an expert in your niche, you want to ensure your site/blog looks and views as professional on said iPad as on your common garden-variety browser too!

Hence…this post.  🙂  Here are some nifty resources for you to use!

View your site ON an iPad – iPadSeek , it's a great way to see what needs to be tweaked and how.

WordPress for iPhone OS 2.4 – Works WITH the iPad too!

iPad WordPress Widget – Using this widget you can easily place the iPad containing an image of the cover of the book you are reading in the sidebar.

The iPad Effect on Recruiting – Useful marketing tips too!

and don't forget:

And of course, all the above brings me to the following key, critical statement.

Your customer/client interaction base is CHANGING.

Just like you added the nifty iPhone WordPress plugin to your blog to ensure your site was attractive to mobile viewers 'way back when, you need to stay abreast of just HOW people will be viewing your information.

  • Will it still be easy to access?
  • Will your value-added benefits still resonate on a smaller screen?
  • Will it open any new opportunities for additional income?

Later posts will address just how to take advantage of the iPad in your expert niche.  But for now, do yourself a favor and research the above resources…they can help prepare you for this latest, greatest new frontier.

Not to mention answer questions like:


Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about the iPad, have you seen:


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