May 7, 2008

Mindreading 101 – how to deliver EXACTLY what your customers crave

Mind ReadingEver wonder how some marketers know how to deliver EXACTLY what you crave to buy?

Ever wonder how they do this?

(And no, I’m not talking about sending email about horses’ heads (like the 3 emails I received today from a well-known Internet marketer – initial reaction – ick!))

nor am I talking about analyzing your log files.

Instead, I’m talking about something much much simpler…I’m talking about simply ASKING your readers.

How, I hear you inquire?


Easy! Just create a poll and let your readership know about it.

I just did that myself today (hence I know it works!)! I want to add several free ecourses to my site, but didn’t know wasn’t certain where the main interest was concentrated.

Was it learning:

  • How to make money from blogs?
  • What free tools one can use to make money?
  • What paid tools one can use to make money?
  • How to raise confident kids?
  • How to create ebooks?
  • etc.etc.

After all, if I’m going to spend the time creating an Internet marketing eclass, I want to ensure it gets lots of subscribers! That’s only common sense. So I dashed up a poll over at my eClass Survey, sent it to my mailing list (one of the most important aspects of making money with a blog – always build your personal mailing list!), and wow, the results….the results were amazing, to say the least.

You can do the same thing! You can utilize WordPress form plugins like the Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress or go amazingly basic with the 6 year old FormMail script, and create a simple 3-4 question survey to which you can then direct your readers.

There are even survey plugins available for WordPress like:

NOTEBut don’t stop there! Make it worth your readers’ time to actually answer your poll.

I achieved this by letting people know if I choose their idea, I’ll give them a free copy of any of my products in thanks. You really can’t get more win-win than that!

Always think in terms of over-delivering to your readers. It will become your trademark…and you’ll gain more and more useful ideas that not only benefit your readers…but also help you achieve your own personal profitable blogging goals online as well.



ps – and don’t forget to share your inputs too! I’d love to read your preferences.

#BEGIN highlights of this blog writing post:

Beginners blogging tips: Always keep in the back of your mind the importance of starting your own mailing list via a newsletter/ezine.

Intermediate and/or Advanced blogging tips: Polling your audience is an excellent way of increasing your future profits, because you know what they’ll want to learn/buy in the future. I use aWeber for this.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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ps – speaking about mind-reading….

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