Covertly Joinng The Ranks Of Quality Diet Bloggers – Day 3 of 5 of Making Your Diet Blog Make Money

Good morning!

I certainly hope your day has been treating you grand!

Over here in  LingLand, it's been quite the adventure indeed – we had about 12 inches of snow gracefully descend upon our neighbor hood so I upped my manliness factor and dove into shoveling about half of the driveway with the kids. 

Talk about a great upper body workout!

But I digress.  🙂

Yesterday, I wrote about Defining Your Own Precious Unique Diet Blogging Voice – Day 2 of 5 of Making Your Diet Blog Money-worthy.  It centered upon how to build a following, it helps if you showcase yourself as unique.

Today, I'd like to focus upon how to uncover *the* killer topics diet blog readers want you to showcase!

And that requires, of course (hope you're sitting down for this) – seeing what every other popular diet blogger is writing about!

Now now, hold the presses and drop the pitchforks and inhales that claim of "copying!  copying!" 

Indeed I am *not* suggesting copying, not by a long short!

But I *am* about to give you a rather nifty secret indeed.

As you can imagine, there already ARE extremely popular diet bloggers, like:

And there are literally thousands of not-so-popular, but very informative diet blogs too!

So what do you *do* with this diet information?

Why, it's simple!

You find the most reliable diet blogs (read: updated daily, ideally), add them to your feedreader, and then voila, you know what you've just created?

An instant reference to what's popular *today*….that's being discussed on trafficked diet blogs….today.

And trust me on this:

When you're just starting out, having this kind of cheat sheet is soooo incredibly beneficial!

Let me show you what I mean.

Wanna see what the A-list bloggers are writing about today?  Check out my Current A-list blogger resource!

By using that, if I had decided I wanted to start moseying my way into their space, I could easily pick a blogging topic, provide my spin/take on it, and include outgoing links to the original posting.

Instant inspiration, as it were.

And here's how to apply it to your particular diet blog niche.

NOTE!Step 1.)  Visit your FeedReader

You *do* have a feedreader, right?

It's a nifty way to have all the popular feeds at your fingertips!

Need some help?  Check out:


NOTE!Step 2.)  Add in all the RSS feeds to popular dieting blogs

Well, that's kinda sorta common sense, right?

And need help?  Enjoy this:

And then finally….

NOTE!Step 3.)  Allow yourself to become inspired!

Once you have all of your feeds ready, simply click on the folder name and see what topic intrigues or delights you (and don't forget, you can add news feeds in too!).

With topic in hand, do *not* (I repeat, do NOT) copy the ideas of the blogger, of course….but you can now start your own post with something like:

"Today, I just read about this intriguing take on vegan diets: "Study: Can a Veggie-Rich Diet Make You More Beautiful?" … and wow, let me tell you, I think the author is totally 'way out in left field!

Here's why….

See how it works?

You're coming across as timely and current, *while* maintaining your own unique diet blogging style that you devised in yesterday's lesson.

Nice, eh?

Every day, simply rinse and repeat until you've generated enough self-confidence to simply strike out on your own in the diet niche.

It's almost too easy to believe, eh?  🙂    What's your take?  I'd love to hear it below.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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