October 1, 2009

Today’s Make Money Online Tip – Schedule Your Helpful Tweets

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Today’s Make Money Online Tip

Why hello there!  QUICK!  TELL ME NOW!

Are YOU maximizing the benefits Twitter can give your business?

And NO, I’m NOT talking about those ridiculous "Get 4,298,398.291 more followers on Twitter every single nano-second of the first summer solstice!"

No, instead….I’m asking you, do you schedule your tweets?

Actually, let me first back up and talk a bit about the ways you can use Twitter for your business.

You can tweet about yourself.  I do that often; every morning, I’ll send out the following tweet:

"Morning everyone, coffee and mooses call!  How is everyone today?"

I’ll also chat with my community as well and touch base with friends I’ve met online.

The other way you can tweet is to share helpful information too!

For example, you can retweet tutorials, resources,your prior blog posts, forums posts…anything that would be of interest to your followers.

I decided to that myself, and yesterday, signed up for

Social Oomph

This service lets you preschedule lists of tweets that you want to share in the future!  You can set them to go out every day, every few hours, every week….you can even give the application your blog URL and have your latest posts tweeted automatically!

And guess what!

Social Oomph gives you a FREE week to try the service out!

I tried several different applications but the blog RSS is the feature that did it for me.

If you’re in the knowledge-sharing business and want to increase your authority online, I can highly recommend Social Oomph…It’s truly a very powerful tool in the right hands and can grow your business brilliantly online.


Barbara Ling


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