Adroitly CRUSH your fears regarding video marketing

Have you ever wanted to dive earlobe-deep into video marketing…but have not a clue as to where to begin?

Would you believe, it's easy to master video marketing (it really is!)?  I should know – I had a deadly fear of the concept until I proactively forced myself to actually MAKE the blasted things!

Here's my first video:

Sad yes, but hey, it was a start!! From there, I graduated onto things like:


As you can see, once I gave myself permission to rock, the videos just rolled out!  It was truly a fantastic experience…and one on which I can rely for the future whenever necessary.

'course, to start making videos, you have to first shed your fears!  And here's some great tips on how to do just that.

Tip #1.)  Realize that there are 3.492845 BEEYON videos out there already!

In other words, in the very beginning, you certainly won't stand out from the crowd.  So starting it slow and taking it easy – it's a Good Thing!  The only person to really judge your first few attempts….is YOU.  Nobody else.

Tip #2.)  Realize that videos can be simply Powerpoint presentations!

Don't want yourself in the video?  No problem!  You can make a video via a powerpoint presentation instead.  Some tips to do that include:

Tip #3.)  Realize that the worst thing someone can say it BLORGGGGGG!

Well, okay, it's NOT "BLORRRRRGGGGG" but the point remains.  Why should you care if an anonymous person decides to mock your video?  It's almost as logical as a rabid chimp scampering across the Sahara Desert screaming, "BLORGGGGGGGG! to you!"

C'mon now, admit it.  You just had that mental image dance across your mind right?  And it made you smile too, right?

But it's really the truth.  You…and you alone…can give yourself permission to be affected by a stranger's words.  Refuse to give them power to hurt you….and whomp!, you've freed yourself from your earlier fears and are ready to start learning.

That's it….three simple tips to help crush your fears regarding video marketing. 

You see, at the beginning…it's not important how good your videos are (it really isn't!).

What's important is that you start the blasted process in the first place.

And you can take THAT to the bank.


Barbara Ling

ps – looking for more video marketing sources?  The following rocks quite well!

Video Assasin

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