January 3, 2012
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Tell Yourself Today – About Going Wild …..

Sometimes…. we are seized by utterly *insane* ideas.


The thing is….

When we actually give ourselves permission to make it so, we discover that what everyone else thought was impossible….

  • Was merely waiting for you to fling yourself boldly into it and craft a hard-won success!

You see, people generally always have your best intentions at heart.  And when they tell you you're a freakin' idjut for operating outside the box, they really do mean to save you pain.


What's true for them isn't necessarily the scriptures for you!

Thus, tell yourself today that you will be open to your inner spirit when it seductively whispers to you…

"Hey!  This really *might* work…..go for it!"

The results might beef up your Paypal balance to the Nth degree.  :)

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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