Your Sunday Morning Perkup – I wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Your Sunday Morning Perkup – I wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sean Mize Latest!  This Tuesday 10 Day Coaching
Benefits You Get:  How to build a coaching program and profit

Today in History: 1906 – Flexible Flyer first produced!

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Good morning!

It’s Sunday morning and get me out of here!  WAH!  I’m here someplace in the known galaxy and good news is, my kids are having a blast, bad news is, I am *not!*!.  Horrible connectivity and as I cannot walk well…. I’ve been reduced to reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (my gym exercise book that luckily was still in the car) and figuring out my Back To School sale that will happen this week.

How is your day?  I’d love to hear!  🙂

And regarding excitements…. lessee….

Check out this superb goodie  ….

Perfect Pinsense:  Adsense/Amazon/Pinterest/Zero Cost Traffic

As always, Erica overdelivers
with a capital WOW! in her
product solution.

This superb goodie is
completely white hat:

No backlink building

No keyword research

No paid traffic

No upsells

No expensive tools

It even tells you the niche to use!

Utterly grand… see
for yourself!


Brief, pithy and to the point…




You’ll be getting ALL of this…. 

All of what, I hear you ask?


In The IM Inside Track, you’ll learn about:

Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
Income Generation Methods
Joint Ventures
Passive and Recurring Income
Product Creation
Productivity And Time Management
Self Publishing
Social Marketing
Technical Topics
Traffic Generation

But you know something….

It’s SO rare that ALL the above plus more….
Is so Inexpensive to get! 

I’m in the middle of getting my own latest out….

But this is SUCH a steal I wanted to highlight this to you…..

Definitely tops! 

Don’t forget yesterdays:

It’s Saturday evenin’ and I am writing this to you from the Land of Zero connectivity (amazingly, there is this one brief shining glorious moment when my laptop actually connected).  ‘Tis my first experience camping and let me simply say…..

Looking forward to returning home to the rest of the family.  🙂

And about today?  Well then!
Brief, pithy and to the point:
Let me ask you….

If you had an emergency, would your business keep running?


Paul Myers, master marketer, recently released:

| The Master Guide To Your Business

and oh!  SO timely and so….. needed!

You’ll learn in this cost-conscious goodie:

* Generate new product ideas. You add just one step to the basic process and you can find all sorts of new products lurking in your existing content, and even more that are related to your current niche.

* Plan and outline new projects. Use the product worksheet to lay out new ideas in a way that encourages you to act on them.

| Catch those new product ideas?

* Eliminate wasted time and resources. By knowing how you spend your days now, you can easily spot the things that steal time and give nothing back in return. All it usually takes is becoming aware of them.

* Find and focus on the most profitable parts of your business. The 30,000 foot view lets you ask – and answer – the question: Where’s the money in this mess? That’s what you do more of.

| Catch that spot?

* Spot new ways to If you had an emergency, would your business survive? With this, it can. And it can keep growing…. This is an area where most of us fall down. We don’t have to.

* Create sites, hand the management off to a partner, and keep bringing in the cash.

| Catch that handoff?


Paul is one of the legends in our industry… and what he has to share…. well, I highly recommend it indeed.

Don’t forget this mornings:

It’s Saturday morning and ever have the world just spin out of control?

Thats where I am this morning.  Going to take half the family camping….

Which will be good, but yep….. parenting is a hero’s journey.  I think business will be on the side burner for a bit while I take care of it
all…. but will do my best to keep you up to date!

More hopefully tonight.

Today, lets see:

Sean Mize Latest!  10 Day Coaching

The insights on how to launch a 10 day coaching program from someone who does this quite regularly.

It’s a one-time class….. and the insights you’ll gain….. superb!

Grab your seat today!


Thinking about CPA but want it all explained on 1 page?

Well then!

CPA Power Tutorials…
And oh!

The zero cost CPA profit tutorials….

The CPA-only forums….

The best CPA networks…..

That I found for *you*….

The CPA Social Cutting Edge Updates…

And the enhancements?  You can grab my own personal Feedly CPA Marketing Authority Dashboard (done for you)….

CPA Intel  (find free CPA books and other pdfs, spreadsheets, coupons and more….)

A CPA Product Solution Template…

Did I mention those haven’t been released yet?

It’s dimesale too….

So the price is rising!

Methinks you’ll enjoy it bunches.


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Want the insiders tips that include this topnotch lineup?

Chris Winters

How to legally pay 0% income taxes, corporate, dividends, and capital gains taxes.

How to legally pay 0% income taxes, corporate, dividends, and capital gains taxes regardless of your citizenship. These are the same tax strategies the wealthy have been using for years & are incredibly easy to set up for online location independent business owners.

11 more topics are waiting!

And because this a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediate receive:

Marketers Success!

Sounds good?  Attendees paid more than 300 dollars for this…. but you’re receiving it for pennies on the dollar instead.

Dont forget yesterdays:

It’s Friday evenin’ and tomorrow I’m driving 768638686 miles for camping in the wild blue youder……

But I’ll share that extremes…. tomorrow.  🙂

And today?

Just look at it all….

| oOo ==> And remember this author has 16 WSOTDs!


* Fill-in-the blanks outlines you can follow to create your own cash-spouting products

* These are the exact same outlines she uses to create winning products time after time

* No spending hours and hours researching tons of information – She’s done it all for you!

| Catch That Done For You?

* Everything you need for 3 complete product funnels so you don’t even have to set those up

* This is as close as it comes to having her stand at your shoulder and tell you what to do!

* Scared you won’t pick a winning topic? No worries on that score because she’s brought all my experience to choosing topics she KNOWS are hot-sellers

| Catch That Experience with thos 16 WSOTDs?

But not only that….

You’re also receiving:

Her Template Creations –

eBook Templates

Worksheet Templates

58 eBook Cover Templates

Meme Templates

67 Royalty Free Tracks!

Sales Graphics Collection!

Powerpoint Templates!


| Catch That Templates?

‘Whew!  MASSIVE goodness this is…. *massive*.

And because this is a solo
offer, buy thru my link
and immediately receive:

101 Backend Marketing Offer Ideas

So you’ll always a way to monetize whatever you put out!

Sounds good?   I think so – heck, I know so….. Amanda has created 16 WSOTDs and she is definitely a master of her game.


It’s super nice indeed.

Want you the insiders tips to creating long-term affiliate income?

Well then!

Perfect for Beginners and Experienced Alike!

Why is it perfect for beginners and experienced alike?

Because it walks you through *everything*, step by step, you can do to maximize your affiliate commissions…

For example, page 35 shines!

Whats also truly cool are the enhancements

One technique mentioned involves creating quick niche sites….

And you’ll be presented with done-for-you blogs and more!

And it starts For Less Than…
And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive:

Affiliate Marketing eCourse

With even more tips for stellar affiliate marketing success.

Sounds good?  I think so – the main product by itself is fantastic… and the goodies offer in the enhancements make it a total no-brainer indeed.

Dont forget this mornings:

=== Start Ongoing Goodies! === 

My latest! 1 Page CPA Authority Social Informer

Power 1 page cheatsheet about profiting from CPA!


Dennis Becker’s Crowning Achievement
Benefits You Get:  Premium – Insanely priced IM Membership (insane to the tune that a whole freakin’ YEAR is less than $30)

Todays Goodie:

18 Ideas for Writing Like You Give a Darn

Good stuff!

=== End Ongoing Goodies! === 

Where was I?

Ah yes!  Friday!  I have totally hosed up my earlobes regarding my latest product…. going to hold off on Profit Legacy until I’m for good (camping this weekend)  but we’ll see what emerges instead.

And I am totally sold on piggyMooses!  Me and the kids are always borrowing one just to sit with and cuddle.  Very relaxing therapy.

What’s new in your neck of the woods?  I’d love to hear…

And onto today!

Looking for massive LinkedIn Leads?

Well then!

Linkin Legend of Leads!

It begins with a bbq  but the insights you get….

Well, Watch the 3 minute video!

VERY cool it is.

Do you know how popular evergreen wellness products are…. for example, plant-based?

And here we have:

PlantBased Diets PLR!

Lots of content you’ll get:

2 Complete PLR for Plant Based Diet Reports

Diet Tips Report

Plant Based eCovers!

10 related Articles

6 Product Review reports  AND….

6 Product Review Videos!

60 Tweets….

5 Social Posters

All that and more!

Good stuff!

Don’t forget our favs:


==> Dennis Becker’s IM Inside Track Goodie!
==> Create Cool Mobile Apps Special!
==> Hypergrowth ListBuilding Class (zero cost)
==> Software that writes your copy for you!
==> Marlon Sanders Big Book of Secrets
==> Tiff Lambert Lifetime PLR
==> JR Lang Quality PLR!
==> Nicole Deal Easy PLR
==> Sue Fleckenstein
==> Alice Seba PLR
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling

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