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Sell More Model Horses on eBay

Sell More Model Horses
on eBay

By the author of big bunches of
Free Auction Resources


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Dear Model Horse Enthusiast,

Welcome! Would you like to increase the final bid on your model horse auctions on eBay or other popular venues?

If so, you've come to the right place! Sell More Model Horses on eBay will teach you:

  • How to analyze the top model horse sellers on eBay...and how to test out and incorporate their success skills in your own auctions
  • How to write emotionally-packed superior auction ads that compel more people to bid on your model horses
  • The best places to network with fellow model enthusiasts - model horse forums, communities, classifieds and more
  • How to achieve top ten visibility for your model horse auctions
  • How to increase targeted traffic for free to both your eBay auctions and also your model horse business site or model horse personal page
  • Where to add profit-boosting customizations to your model horses
  • How to utilize the Internet to reveal critical model horse pages that were removed long, long ago
  • The ability to tap into 20+ years of model horse collecting articles and resources....for free!
  • Where to go to network with the Model Horse community - over 50 active thriving communities!
  • How to determine the final selling price you need to achieve to get the profit you require!
  • More!

Intrigued? You should be...look around on the Internet, and no where else will you find such a cutting edge resource specifically targeted towards model horses (Breyer, Peter Stone and more) and auctions.

My name is Barbara Ling, and I'm the author of one of the top-selling books on eBay profit generating - eBay Search Profits. As you can tell by those reviews (it's garnered top billing from all the auction professionals in the industry), I know my stuff - I deliver on each and every promise. Author of over 14 e-books, infoproducts and books, I have been an online entrepreneur since 1997 and have been written about in the Wall Stree Journal,, Inc. Magazine and other print venues (you can read more about my credentials here). A prolific writer, I've been published by AuctionBytes:

and Collectibles:

You can even see my Collectibles site at my Collectibles Corner. As you can see, I've been steeped in the industry. And now I'm targeting my research skills towards providing you with the killer edge you need to boost your model horse sales on eBay up and beyond your expectations.

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And just think - because it's delivered electronically, you don't even have to worry about shipping and handling. I'll email it to you and you can simply run it on your computer!

Remember, I've been teaching people just like you how to research online and increase Internet marketing profits since 1997. No, I myself do not sell my model horses (can't bear to part with them!)...but I can and do possess the skills necessary to analyze the niche and pinpoint exactly how you can increase your probabilities of model horse auction success.

Listen. When it comes to increasing the final bid price on auctions, there is only one person upon whom you can depend. You! Treat yourself right - take advantage of this unique offering to help increase the final selling price you can achieve for your model horses.

Sell More Model Horses on eBay is a compiled software that runs on the Windows based platform. Quick, concise and to-the-point, it will deliver to you the resources you need to proactively increase the sales and biddings on your own Model Horse auctions. Upon receiving payment, I shall send it to you within 24 hours.

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Sell More Model Horses on eBay!

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Like this product? You know how places like offer a 5-15% affiliate program on all the books bought thru their site? Well, I offer a 50% commission instead! You can offer Sell More Model Horses on eBay on your website and receive 50% everytime someone orders who found the site from YOUR link! Not only that...but I've written other auction-related products as well that you can profit from too.

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Contact Me

I can be reached at btl (delete the NOSSS to get the right address) and am based in NJ.

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Business Building with
Breyer Model Horses

Sell more model horses on eBay auctions

Special Prelaunch Sale!

Sell More Model Horses on eBay!

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Do you love Breyer Model Horses, or perhaps some of the other varieties like Stablemates? Have you ever wondered how you can enhance your hobby and business network regarding this fantastic interest? This page has been created for you! It will provide you with clear, concise pointers to:

* Vendors * Hobby Sites * Web rings *
* Mailing Lists *
Building a Model Horse Enthusiast Business

Vendors often have community resources as well as models horses to buy! Vendors include
(note! if you're a vendor and want to exchange links, please drop me a line here!):

Hobby Sites:
There are lots of great hobby resources for Breyer Model Horse enthusiasts. They include:

One way model horse hobby people find one another is to participate in webrings or model horse forums. Some of there are:

Mailng Lists - Forums:
Another way that collectors interact is by participating in model horse forums or mailing lists. Got some horses you'd like to trade or swap stories about your childhood horses? consider:

Building a Model Horse Enthusiast Business:
It's so tempting, sometimes, to be bitten by the Internet Entrepreneurial bug. Most likely, you've already received email that always sounds too good to be true....but wouldn't it be great to run a business that is already of superb interest to you?

Luckily, generating a pleasing income from your hobby is a very doable thing! I should know - I've built my online business now from my own passion (you can read more about me here). The steps are surprisingly simple - it can be boiled down to:

  • Choose your passion (in this case, model horses!)
  • Make your website into a compelling place model horse lovers would want to visit (include an ezine perhaps, a mailing list, forums, discussion groups...)
  • Build a community of enthusiasts
  • Take advantage of online auction places such as Ebay

There are a bazillion places where you can learn about online Internet marketing that is applicable to your model horse hobby. However, I think the best is Corey Rudl's The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet (I bought it myself years ago). If you're looking for common sense simple-to-implement ideas and techniques, definitely check it out.

Money with Internet Auctions Model HorsesPerhaps you'd simply like to take advantage of places like eBay instead, however. Were you aware of the dozens of cutting edge techniques you can apply to fine-tune your auctions and boost the profits you receive? "Make Your Net Auction Sell" is one of the most popular killer auction marketing books around.

The Hidden Internet Marketing EdgeFinally, if you really want to learn how to turn the Internet upside down and shake out all the hidden potential customers you might have, by all means check out my latest book (I've written 5) entitled The Hidden Internet Marketing Edge. As a proven online Internet search techniques trainer and consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte Touche, I've single-handedly created thriving networks for all of my products. The Hidden Internet Marketing Edge reveals how it was done. Information on that site includes 12 checklist steps for building your own business, such as:

  • Step 12 - Access The Thousands Of Customers Your Competitors Aren't Aware Of - Advanced. Secrets for accessing the Invisible Web for profit...techniques for instantly returning all the targeted businesses within a specified radius...hidden methods for pinpointing industry professionals via their personal resume...more
  • Step 11 - Set up Affiliate Programs with Complementary Vendors. Increasing your income with zero effort on your part...finding the best professionals and products with whom to partner...more
  • Step 10 - Set Up Autoresponders. Autoresponders revealed...sequential marketing...why you should never use free autoresponders...more
  • Step 9 - Verify Personal Goals. Keeping sanity in check...balancing work and family...destressing in easy steps...more
  • Step 8 - Create And Optimize Website, Copy, Ezine. Website design engine optimization...honing your dramatic copy...creating your trust-building ezine...more
  • Step 7 - Create Infoproduct Ebook. Designing killer cover art...the mysteries of pdf...benefits of added perceived value...more
  • Step 6 - Learn Effective E-mail Marketing Techniques. Viral marketing advanced...satisfying the 'what's in it for me' craving of your potential customers...targeted marketing ideas...more
  • Step 5 - Set Up Merchant Account. Buyer beware...things to consider when setting up your personal choice for merchant accounts...more
  • Step 4 - Gain Trust and Become Positively Visible. Becoming a valued community member...gaining peak credentials...viral marketing...more
  • Step 3 - Find Your Customers - Basic. Millions of potential customers at a glance...basics of creating your marketing network...niching yourself into profit...more
  • Step 2 - Benefit From Mentors. Enhancing the wheel...creating win-win relationships that make leaders beg to assist you...avoiding costly product mistakes...more
  • Step 1 - Choose Your Product. The most critical of steps. What product would increase your probability of success...why building on what you love leads you to more money...more

I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you currently run a Model Horse ezine and would like a free article that focuses on your hobby as a business, please drop me a line. If you've found the information useful, please be sure to let your fellow model horse people know about it too. Enjoy!

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