PLR to GOLD VERSION: 25 Ways To Reuse PLR!

PLR Option Available!
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PLR to Profits Gold

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Add it into a private membership site and charge a monthly fee.

Add links and articles to the products to increase commissions on sales.

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Claim the eBook as your own and sell it and keep 100% of profits.

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Convert the content into podcasts.

Create a coaching program from the material and charge premium.

Create a monthly paid newsletter.

Create a webinar from the content and then pitch a mid-ticket related affiliate product.

Create videos based on the material and upload them to all video sharing sites.

Develop a members only portal where you provide special training and charge a monthly fee.

Establish yourself as THE authority of choice.

Hire a ghostwriter from Fiverr to rewrite content, contact niche bloggers and offer them as unique posts.

Niche the content into a unique report, use that as a lead gen.

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Promote content as a Do It Yourself home study course.

Publish the products offline (ie, use it for local marketing)

Sell it as a "I Will Teach You" gig on Fiverr.

Translate the material to a foreign language and sell it to those speakers.

Turn each chapter into a video article.

Use it as niche training in your seminars or webinars.

Use it on your authority sites.

Use it to train your VAs.

This is PREMIUM PLR....

And comes with:

Microsoft Word Source

All the Images Source

PSDs of Cover Image


Mobile-Friendly HTML Sales Page all you have to do is claim it as your own, upload it, include your own buy buttons and keep 100% of the profits!

And remember, like all of my Premium PLR...

The source document comes with:

Automatically updating headers (so when the chapters change, the reader sees it on the top of the page)

Monetized footers (so you can include your money links)

About the Author Page (so you can direct readers to your social media properties)

Dedications Page (to acknowledge those who helped you get where you are today)

Legal Page (to state the copyrights and more) (to state the copyrights and more)

Hyperlinked Table of Contents (automatically updating)

So if you'd like a jump start into claiming and profiting from this product yourself....

Woot... PLR to "Covert Black Friday Cash GOLD" is waiting for YOU!

No thanks Barb, let's move along please. Thanks!