[ AMAZON ] Instant Niche Sites (autoblogging as well)

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[ AMAZON ] Instant Niche Sites (autoblogging as well)


| oOo ==>  Associate Press All in One!
| Benefits You Get:  All In One WP Plugin that allows
| you to build custom niche Azon stores
Brief, pithy and
to the point:
Looking for a complete autoblogging
solution that lets you monetize sites
with Amazon goodness?

| oOo ==>  Then you’re looking for this!


It’s taken the best features of
popular plugins like
WP Robot
WP Zon Builder
and combined them into some
that is an all in one Amazon
affiliate dream!

| oOo ==>  Includes content curation and…..


Easy niche site creation
Automatic RSS submissions (!)
And because this is a solo
offer, buy thru my link and
immediately receive
Quick Traffic Class
Insights about generating
quick converting traffic!
Sounds good?  I think so -
lots of people love profiting from quick
niche Amazon stores… and
this makes it simple.
Grow strong,

Barbara “Make Life Simple” Ling 
ps –  Bonuses too!
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==> PLR Full Funnel Detox Your Body (and oh, what it includes, by

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==> PLR Full Funnel Detox Your Body (and oh, what it includes, by


| oOo ==> Tiff Lambert’s latest – Detox Your Body with:
| Your Benefits:  Entire Minisite, content, autoresponder
| blog posts and and and

| Detox Fact:   One of the most evergreen industries
| out there!
Brief, pithy and to the point.

Want a headstart in the
supremely evergreen industry
of detox?  It’s Tiff’s latest –
come look!

This 30-page, 12,119-word eBook
starts with a short introduction and
then covers the following:

– How Your Organs Help Detox Your Body
– Fundamental Detox Planning
– Using Detox Diets to Contribute to Better Mental Health
– Planning Your Detox Diet Meals
– Detox Tips for Maximum Weight Loss
– Helping Your Blood Flow with a Detox Plan
– How the Right Detox Plan Can Rev Up Your Energy Levels
– Detox to Clear Up Allergies
– Put an End to Bad Habits Using Detox Dieting
– Using a Detox Plan to Help You Fight Off Infections

| oOo ==> Sign your name to it…


Bonus Report: Understanding and Avoiding Toxins

This 5-page, 1,852-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Are You Breathing in Toxins?
– Recognizing Toxins in Your Food
– Using and Consuming Toxic Water
– Toxins in Unsuspecting Places

Opt-In Report: Is Detoxing Right for You?

This 5-page, 2,025-word report starts with
a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Where Are Toxins Found?
– What Does It Mean for Something to Be Toxic?
– The Basic Rules of Detoxing Your Body
– Benefits You’ll Experience with a Good Detox
– Things That Can Derail Your Detox Success

| oOo ==> Catch that done-for-you?


7-Part Email Autoresponder Series: “7 Signs of Detox Success”

#1 – You Aren’t as Affected By Germs – 449 words
#2 – Fatigue Is a Thing of the Past – 476 words
#3 – The Fat Starts to Melt Off of You – 499 words
#4 – The Doctor Praises Your Blood Pressure Stats – 479 words
#5 – You Look Younger and More Beautiful – 446 words
#6 – The Mental Fog Clears Up – 471 words
#7 – Intestinal Issues Dissipate – 464 words

Sales Copy

The sales copy is a 4-page,
1,343-word mix of headlines,
subheadings, storyline, bullet points
and product specific data that you
can tweak and customize to suit your own needs.

| oOo ==> Catch that done for you sales copy?


5 Articles or Blog Posts

#1 – Analyze Your Mind and Body for Signs of Toxicity – 477 words
#2 – Give Your Body a Boost in Chemistry During Detoxification – 504 words
#3 – How Saunas Help Your Body Detox – 474 words
#4 – Could Chelation Help You Rid Your Body of Toxins? – 436 words
#5 – Adding Acupuncture to Your Detox Lifestyle for Better Health – 460 words

5 Product Reviews

#1 – Colon Cleanse Detox Supplements – 487 words
#2 – Detox Diet Plan – 512 words
#3 – Detox Foot Patches Detox as You Sleep – 438 words
#4 – Smoothies for a Healthy Cleanse – 465 words
#5 – Supplement to Aid in Liver Detox – 486 words

Graphics Pack for All eCovers

This graphics pack includes ecovers for
the main eBook, bonus report and opt in
report in a variety of sizes.

You get the covers in both 3D and Flat designs,
for your convenience. All of them come with
PSD files so that you can edit anything you like.

Complete Minisite Design

| oOo ==> Catch those product reviews?


And because this is a solo
offer, buy thru my link
and immediately receive:

50 PLR Products

which are 50 more goodies
you can put your own buy
buttons too…. sell and keep
100% of the commissions.


Sounds good?  I think so –
high quality PLR is the
shortest way to put up your
own buy buttons… and this
overdelivers bigtime.

Grow strong,

Barbara “More buy buttons!” Ling
ps –  I like the done for you, dont you?

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AUTOMATED Traffic via zero cost (IFttt goodie!)

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AUTOMATED Traffic via zero cost (IFttt goodie!)


| oOo ==> RSS Traffic Secrets via:
| Your Benefits:  Quick read that shows you how
| to automate traffic to your money pages for
| zero cost

| Automation Fact:   You can instantly double/triple
| your traffic via RSS
Brief, pithy and to the point….

Did you know there is a
resource (free!) that enables
you to double or triple your
traffic to your money pages?

| oOo ==> ITs easy to use… and this shows you!


Alessandro  has been using RSS
now for years…. and what he shares
with you is something quite smart

I should know – I use the resource too!

Not to mention…

| oOo ==> You can get it set up in less than 10 minutes


See for yourself!

More soon….. 

Grow strong,

Barbara “More sales!” Ling
ps –  Bonuses too!
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Part 2: Coming tomorrow! (today though, grab this zero cost goodie)

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Part 2: Coming tomorrow! (today though, grab this zero cost goodie)


| oOo ==> Covert Commissions Part 2 
| Your Benefits:  Zero cost goodie that shows
| you the steps for profiting online and get this:

| Affiliate Marketing Fact:   It’s the easiest way
| to profit online, hands down.
Earlier I just downloaded
this and read it:

| oOo ==> So quick, so engaging, so much fun!


Quite frankly, I’ve never
seen a report like this before.

Colorful, so easy a middle
schooler could use it….

| oOo ==> And SOOO perfectly timed

The IM Marketplace is changing.

And this is going to enable
you to change with it….

| oOo ==> So you’re NOT left behind!


Again, this is a super-nifty
zero-cost report and….

Really can’t say enough goodies
about it.

Grow strong,

Barbara “More buy buttons!” Ling
ps –  The IM Wealth Builders
are the ones who did Covert Store
Builder, Covert Social Press, Covert
Pinpress and the like….  You
*know* this is quality.  And zero-cost!
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