🌠 The Brazenly Glorious Way To Lose Marketing $?

Have you ever been crushed under a desire to see on your Facebook page someone doing a 180 turn and declaring, thanks to your logic, I now see the light! My opinions have been changed!

Yeah, me neither.

You know, when it comes right down to it….

… all arguments really result in on FB is folks see what your true colors are.

Which is great if you don’t mind turning off a significant portion of the population.

I confess – there are VERY few things I will be vocal about online.

A woman’s right to choose – that is one.

Any abuse to anyone – parents, kids, animals, men, women, transgender, gay – that’s another.

But see, here’s the thing.

Some of my customers might become non-customers if they see my beliefs do NOT align with theirs.
It all comes down to a hugely personal decision, I believe.

Some “it’s okay to abuse the PERSON XYZ type” ideas go 180 degrees against not only my beliefs…

… but also members of my family.

So I am entirely ok with losing these types of customers; I’m in the lucky position that my sales can afford this.

But what if yours… cannot?

It’s something to think on.

Are you comfortable accepting dollars from people who have different views than yours?

If so, staying *quiet* on said views is highly recommended!

And to be honest, at the end of the day for the most part…

… bringing in the money required to support your family, most likely, is the main thing of importance in your life.

I’ll never forget the day, long long around, around the time of the Pyramids construction, I believe, when I worked at Bell Labs.

That day, our supervisor called us together and said that basically we have one of two choices.

Accept something with intrinsically disagree with…

… or go down with the ship.

To a person, we elected to go down the with ship, and to this day, we have never regretted it.

But again… we could afford to do that.

So what’s your takeaway, really?

It’s that if there is something you truly believe in your heart and soul…

Earn enough to support your family that you have the luxury of saying:

“No. I do NOT want your money.”

And how do you get *there*?

Well, future proofing your business is one way.


Building your list like is shown at


is another way.

Mastering affiliate marketing is still another like you see at


Your takeaway?

It’s your business.

It’s your life.

How you choose to earn money… or lose money….

It’s up to you.

Take advantage of that.


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