🌠 Why ‘Doodle for Google’ is back with $30,000 thingee?

It’s been said that you should “be the change you want to see” in this world.

Ever think really quite how true this is?

Well, Google certainly does over at:


In a nutshell, perhaps a pecan nutshell, Google announced:

“The eleventh annual “Doodle for Google” contest is back!

There’s a big prize for the winner and the winner’s school.

The national winner’s drawing will be displayed on Google.com for a day and they’ll receive a $30,000 college scholarship, a $50,000 technology package for their school or non-profit organization and a trip to Google’s headquarters in California.”

So HOW does this apply to marketing…

… and why is it so important?


Google is basically donating 30K as a college scholarship.

All together now – yay!

But think more about it for a second, aye?

It’s within Google’s best interest to keep attracting the best of the best… ideally with the idea for hiring them later on.

That’s the benefits of this 30K thingee for Google – besides getting a tremendous amount of publicity for this action, they are continuing to let the public (and ideally future graduating seniors) that Google is making the world a better place…

… one person at a time.

So just *why* is this important to *you*?

Well, even if you can’t spend quite the same amount of money as Google can, you *can* perhaps try to make things better for one *person* yourself in your specific niche.

You can offer a free product to someone who is seriously trying to create personal success online (thought its been my experience that if you give away 10K worth of value, because no money did exchange hands, the person receiving it might shove it up their hard drive for “future reference.” Side fun fact – its one reason why I myself never choose to give away my high-end products. But that’s a story for another time and place).


You can *also* create a *local* prize and offer, say, $50 or $100 the student/worker/etc. who best succeeds at whatever challenge you yourself offer to your town (side note – check legal requirements, of course).

And once you have that particular concept down and are ready to let the world know about it, you can proactively contact news reporters and the like to let them know this human-interest story… and see if they’d like to report on it to get the word out more.

Want other ideas for making the world a better place?

Check out:




Your takeway?

You dont have to be rich to make an impact.

You only need to start putting things in place to see that impact come to life.

Why not take care of that today?


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