🌠Are you more prone to believing this or not?

Ever have an insane desire to create a conspiracy theory….

… just to see how many other people fall prey to it or how it blows up on social media?

Well then!

Remember the “10 year challenge” meme thingee that showed upon FB awhile back?

The premise was, post a picture of you from 10 years ago and one now to see how you have aged.


Well, to some peoples, yes.

To others, they saw it as an extremely easy (and free!) way for FB to build up a database of user-generated content… and perhaps teach machine learning critters how to profit from that data.


has an extremely interesting breakdown of the idea, and comes to the conclusion that indeed, it was simply “a fun thing someone else thought of.”

Thing is, though, after the conspiracy people folk started emerging from the woodwork, people actually *did* consider….

“Am I truly at risk if I participate?”

And I’d love to say that people realized that giving up so *much* of their past privacy was not the wisest thing one could do.

‘Course, Id also like to say eating Nerds candy will help you lose weight too.

The article deconstructs AI to the point of stating:

“…To the AI you are not a face, you are just a series of pixels in varying shades that it uses to determine where common reference points lie and it uses those points of reference to determine if this face is a match to your initial template.”

Catch that word, ‘template’?

Templates are grand things indeed, especially when applied to marketing (and AI or Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, etc. can be added into the overall mixture.

Why is this important?

Well, as the future continues to unfold, new and better (?) technologies emerge that you truly should keep abreast with, so you can incorporate them into your money making activities as the years roll by.

Want to know about other marketing technologies you should consider?

Check out:





Your takeaway?

The alert marketers have ‘way more opportunities to become the profitable marketer…

… because they can turn on a dime and incorporate fresh new ideas sooner than their competitors.

Why not become that alert marketer… today?


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