Are you worthy to teach?

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Are you worthy to teach?Quick!  Stop right there and uncover for me some coffee!

Oops, wait a sec – that was my natural impulse of realizing my coffee cup was (gasp!) empty.  But not to fear, gentle reader – I have fixed the situation all by meself and am now caffeine-powered enough to amaze you with the following insight:

Tell me now.  When you read the phrase:

Are you worthy to teach?

Did you first think:

Do I deserve to learn?

or instead…

Do I have enough knowledge and wisdom to pass on?


Your answer to the above will provide you a great insight into just how you perceive what you have to offer to your readers…and what you have to learn as well.

The first answer was that from the student, the second…that from the teacher.  Both are critical and vital parts for you to become successful in life (be it making money online, raising your family, achieving balance in your daily activities, etc.etc.etc.).

This topic is more fascinating to me than watching a Chippendales performance of MacGyver clones for many reasons.  I’ve been teaching now for, gosh, hmmm, what has it been……over a decade online, and 2 decades if you count that fact that while in corporate land, I was always known as the person who’d uncover the answers for anything (be it technical, love-life-related, friendship, etc.). 

As the all-powerful Mother Ling, I’m used to teaching and guiding not only my family, but also my customers, clients, friends and what have you.  It’s my role in life; knowledge is one of the few things you can give away in its entirety and yet still retain the full measure for yourself.  I revel in teaching; I enjoy seeing my students spread their wings and soar with the eagles.

And yet….

I’ve also come to realize that I myself am a student as well.

I’ve gone thru more personal growth this past year than could be compressed in a Hollywood trilogy – sometimes I wish my character-building would simply pause and take a breather!!  :)  It’s been incredibly enlightening, frustrating and maddening all at the same time (say THAT three times fast) but wow, what I’ve internalized that I can now pass on to my students; it’s masterful.

One of the biggest problems people can possess is that of their ego, ie:

"I’m bright and young and those old folk can’t teach me anything!"  Or, "I have 20+ years experience under my belt; how on earth could those young whippersnappers offer me anything I haven’t yet considered?"

Confess now – haven’t you ever thought the above when someone not of your age bracket or gender or what have you…has offered to teach you?

I know I sure have!!  And it’s been quite an eyeopening and humbling experience for me, I might add.  One that I’m eternally grateful to have undergone as well.

What does it mean "to be worthy to teach?"

  • Can you teach with an open heart?
  • Can you teach without automatically assigning assumptions upon your students?
  • Can you teach and be openly appreciative when your student surpasses your abilities?
  • Can you learn without reservations?
  • Can you learn and ACCEPT your reality isn’t what you wanted to believe it is?
  • Can you learn even if your ego is larger than a Mack Truck?


I’ll tell you where I am in the above!  I can teach to the stars and be grateful to the universe that I have been privileged to share my knowledge…and I also now know I can humble myself and learn from those who are superior to me (and even acknowledge it in my heart).

And that, let me tell you, was one hell of a character-building exercise thru which to go….but one that I’ll never forget.

How ’bout you?


Barbara Ling

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Beginners coaching tips: Teaching is an honor.

Intermediate and/or Advanced coaching tips:  So is learning.

#END highlights of this blog writing post

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  1. @Joel,

    I quite agree.  The lessons I’ve been learning this past week have been quite humbling but wow, so useful as well. 



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