October 16, 2009

On what brand do YOU focus when you’re making money?

Ahead of the herd

Hey there everyone,

Here’s a great question for you!

On WHAT brand do YOU focus when you’re making money online?

Here’s why I’m asking this – you see, I focus on 2 main niches and dabble in several others.

  • I teach folks how to be successful online (Income Fitness, Barbara Ling)


  • I teach recruiters and job seekers how to be successful online (RISE Trends, Job Seekers Power Advantage, Barbara Ling)

Notice how BarbaraLing.com shows up in both?

The thing is, I have the other flagship sites in those industries as well, that currently enjoy really high visibility too!

So…I’m thinking about how to consolidate my "brand".

  • Should I make my recruiting and career sites static (ie, product-oriented) and use BarbaraLing.com for ALL membership offers?
  • Should I add individual memberships to ALL the main sites?
  • Should I focus on BarbaraLing.com as MY brand…that TEACHES in all these different niches?

It’s a great problem to have!  I’ve been a mover and shaker online now for 12+ years…and the time has come to truly focus on my NAME as my brand.

I wrote extensively about this in Income Fitness, mind you – when industries change and the like, it’s always great to have your name to fall back on!

So stay tuned…there will be major changes coming down the pike!

Now, let’s turn the attention BACK to the most important person to whom it can apply…YOU!

Want some great branding resources?  Check out:

and if you crave lists, dive into:

Remember, in this economy…the only person on whom you can count to be100% behind you is…YOU!

So choose your brand wisely. 


Barbara Ling


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