INSANE discount for Book II of Income Fitness- Easy Free Local High SEO!

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Hi everyone,

I’ve finished (YAY!) writing

Easy Free Local HIGH SEO

which is my take on how anyone

(even those who are technically challenged!)

can easily gain high SEO for their local businesses…often in 24 hours or less.

Yes, it’s a bold claim, but it’s one that I’ve proven time and time again meself!

I’ve been doing SEO now since 1997 and one thing that’s ALWAYS held true is the following – the classics RULE.

Clocking in at only 64 pages, this blueprint will take you by the hand and SHOW you just how you can craft your site so it naturally rises higher and higher in Google for your local, targeted niche keywords.

Get this – it does NOT require keyword research (hate that meself), nor does it require Adwords or buying links or selling links or plastering links on bathroom walls or …. all you need to gain the visibility your local site is the ability to follow directions with your writing.

That’s ALL.

I’m still debating about the final price – it will either be $17 or $27 (the flagship book, Income Fitness, currently is $37 for the basic and $77 for the deluxe)

But right when I was going to release Book II, I realized I ran face-first into the following opportunity:

Reviews and Testimonials!  I need testimonials and reviews!

So….here’s what I’d like to offer you.  You can grab Book II of Income Fitness, Easy Free Local HIGH SEO, for ONLY $17…with the understanding that should you deem it worthy, you’ll send me your comments, reviews and/or testimonials at a later date.

NOT ONLY THAT – sign up for the customer care followup, and I’ll also be sending you DISCOUNTS for other excellent products as well!

Deal?  If so, for LESS than a days’ worth of coffee, get THE PROVEN techniques for generating HIGH SEO for your local business and sending bleeploads of targeted traffic to your site by clicking on the ADD TO CART button below!

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What’s that?  You want to know what the book actually contains?

Well then, I’m still writing the sales copy, but here’s the TOC!

Adventure 1 – Simplifying SEO – How High SEO Can Put Hundreds of Dollars In Your Pocket

You KNOW that being on the top 10 results of Google searches is good for your business. But do you know how ELSE you can make money from all that targeted traffic that results?


Adventure 2 – Crushing SEO Myths – How SEO Is So Simple, A Grammar School Child Could Do It

Sure, you might have heard about Keyword research, but did you know you ALREADY know 90% of the local keywords your business requires for high SEO?


Adventure 3 – Shocking Local SEO Weapons – What You REALLY Need For High SEO (Products Be Damned!)

You might have heard about keywords on your page titles…do you REALLY understand just how powerful that (and other hidden SEO page qualities) can be? I show you precise examples of what’s really implied…and reveal how you can benefit from these same techniques easily and instantly.


Adventure 4 – Zeroing In On YOUR Targeted Local Keywords – Taking Advantage Of Plain Simple Common Sense

I have NEVER bought ANY keyword tool in my LIFE. And you don’t have to either! EVERYTHING you need to discover your own local targeted business keywords is spelled out for you in simple, easy to follow 1-2-3 steps. There’s no confusion because I explain EVERYTHING.


Adventure 5 – Enabling Powerful Local SEO In Your Blog – Get The UNFAIR Advantage Over Your Less-savvy Competitors

If you’re running WordPress on your business site, you ALREADY have a secret edge…IF you know HOW to take advantage of it!! PLUS…I also give you exciting tips about powering up your default WordPress pages so they become a traffic pulling monster machine.


Adventure 6 – Crafting Your Local SEO Strategy – Seize Top Rankings By These Easy-To-Follow Techniques

Virtually guaranteed…follow the steps I lay out in this chapter, and BAM…you’ll gain top 10 visibility for the vast majority of local business keywords.


Adventure 7 – Rinse and Repeat – Duplicate Your Efforts In Your Next Profitable Niche

And once you’re done with one local business niche, you can duplicate your efforts in the next intriguing business and develop multiple streams of local business income.

And remember…instead of $17 or $27, this investment of yours will ONLY be $9.97.  Less than 50% of the final price!

It’s a winwin every way imaginable.  Click below to get what took me 12 years to hone NOW!

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Barbara Ling

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