Funnier Than Dilbert??? – Fresh New Nicky510 Top Contender For 2011 Comic-Thon!


Sure, you've heard about the 2010 Comic Con.  I know, I know, everyone who is anyone whatsoever in the comic/humor industry analysis vector will be attending it (starting tomorrow until Sunday!). 

But the question is…are they ready for the Comic-Thon 2011, the secret new comic event that has ONLY recently come to light?

Promising to be an incredible feast of humor and wit, the brand new 2011 Comic Thon (currently under production) will feature a crowd-pleasing array of exciting comic-related events and special workshops.  But before I reveal that secret, I need to be the first (YES!  The very FIRST!) person to break the following secret news:

Nicky 510 is the forerunner for the Freshest New Funniest Comic of 2011!!!!

What's that?

You HAVEN'T heard of Nicky 510?????

My gosh, have you been living under a fossilized clam for the past year or so?  Bursting with wittiness, humor and zingingly biting content, Nicky 510 promises to become THE newly-discovered sensation that sweeps the Internet from now until at the very least….2011 and beyond.

But don't let me sway your mind – check it out yourself below via some, ahem, artistically-lifted copy of their newly-created Fanpage:

Nicky's sole purpose is to bring a smile to your face and laughter to you and your friends. Humor is the best way to approach life!

Here at our fan page, I plan on keeping you abreast of all the excellent Nicky developments. A fresh invigorating comic, it's just plain fun to read! At the official Nicky site, during the weekdays (M, W, F), you'll see Not Just Nicky,  a strip that chronicles the continuing adventures of Nicky Nickel, the star of the strip, as well as his surrounding zanies (It's called Not Just Nicky for a reason, after all). Nicky's possessed of a very active imagination, a LOT of energy and somehow, through no fault of his own (?) seems to create a variety of mayhem. All unintentional, of course. Well, mostly.

Nicky's brother Lex is Nicky's polar opposite – logical, serious and focused. He's a Type A achiever and has trouble believing that he and Nicky actually share common DNA. Makes for interesting interactions. But they ARE brothers and can occasionally cooperate.




Nicky sees little reason for food other than his BinkyCakes – the official non-nutritive meal of choice for the 21st century:

And then there's ELF. ELF came to earth through an unfortunate accident and quickly teamed up with Nicky. Most of ELF's time is spent learning about our culture and enjoying its contradictions.


There's more going on as well, of course. For instance, Nicky's dad Ken has a long-running feud with Sammy Squirrel. Ken likes feeding the birds and Sammy likes getting fed. This leads to problems.


So that's a thumbnail view of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

On the weekends, Saturday to be specific, Nicky510 presents Chuckle-A-Duck. Nothing to do with the Nickel universe, (just as the weekend has nothing to do with the weekdays). It's enough to make a duck chuckle.



Aaand on Thursdays and Sundays we have the continuing adventures of Rosie and the Owl , the fantasy adventure that's got the whole world buzzing.

Filling in the other days (T, Th, Su) we have an in-depth look at something or other in the Nicky510 blog posts. Science, philosophy, art – they're all there. Sometimes long, sometimes short but always something interesting.

Intrigued enough to read more? Then click Nicky510 to go to the most recent entry. Or, use the All things ELF button to focus on ELF or click on Chuckle-A-Duck to see the off-topic offerings.

I'm sure you can understand now why Nicky 510 is THE frontrunner for the 2011 Comic-Thon! 

And talk about Social Media – there's even a Facebook Fan Page you can join to keep abreast of all the current goodies as well!

Check it out here:

Facebook Nicky Fanpage!

As you can tell, current comics now have a new contender for the funniest humor online!

Now, back to the 2011 Comic Thon!

Currently being considered for the programming is:

  • Special Guests
  • Artists Alley
  • Anime
  • Games
  • Spotlights On
  • 2011 Movie Premieres
  • MORE!

Award categories for which comics can enter so far include:

  • Freshest Comic of 2011
  • Best Political Comic of 2011
  • Best Tragic Comic of 2011
  • Most Unique Comic Art Style of 2011
  • Most Memorable Comic of 2011
  • Most Unbelievable Comic of 2011
  • Most Manliness of Men Comic of 2011
  • Most Womanliness of Women Comic of 2011
  • Most Suspenseful Comic of 2011
  • Best Character Development
  • Best Setting/Premise
  • Most Rabid Fans
  • Best Transition to Anime
  • Best Appreciation of Coffee

The official site for the 2011 Comic Thon is currently under construction, but you can sign up for updates as they occur.  I highly recommend you do!

With that, let me close by wishing you all a Happy April Fools Day – hope yours has been as fun as mine!


Barbara Ling

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