April 21, 2010

Doing Zazzle? Here are some quick ways to grab expert tips, resources and ideas


If you've been online for MORE than the "Cafepress-is-the-ONLY-way-to-craft" years, you might have heard about (drumroll please)


Like Cafepress, it's an online retailer that lets vendors upload their images and create nifty neato coolio clothing, magnets, mousepads and much much more.

What's that?  You want a comparison of the two?  Here's some resources for you:

Anywhos, Zazzle has become very popular rather quickly (you can read Ullahe's experiences about dipping a toe into the Zazzle World over at First steps into the Zazzle World).  So…if you're considering Zazzleizing, here are some expert resources to help you squooshilate your learning curve!

Beginners Zazzle

Advanced Zazzle

Nifty Zazzle

Zazzle Video Tutorials!

Some people learn better by watching instead of reading.  For those folks, enjoy:

Intrigued by Zazzle?

As you can see, there's a lot of great Zazzle resources out there!!  If you want to start Zazzle yourself, click HERE to register with Zazzle and have a blast!


Barbara Ling

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