June 1, 2011

A Cool BENEFIT To Using Facebook As Your Fanpage Instead Of As Yourself


Do you have a Facebook Fan page?

I’ll use my niche parenting fanpage here as an example:

Success Tactics of the Mama Bear Mother

Well!  Did you know that you can use Facebook as either….

  • Yourself


  • Your Fan Page


Well, it’s true!  Here are some articles about that:

The benefits to using Facebook as your fanpage is that every comment you make will include a link back to *your* fanpage as well!

But…if you “like” a fanpage while you’re posting as your brand…that doesn’t increase the number of fans for that particular resource.

I was reminded of this when I checked out a Mom site’s:

Facebook Like You Back!

Now, my Mama Bear Site deals with parenting, so I immediately joined this FBLYB thingee….in a rather unique way.

I’m joining each site as Barbara Ling…and *also* as my Success Tactics of the Mama Bear Mother site.

That way, each liked site gets a new member (Barbara Ling), and *my* Facebook Fan Page gets more content in my default wall view.

More content gives *me* more opportunities to post comments as Success Tactics of the Mama Bear Mother.

Which effectively drives traffic back to my page.

Nice, eh?

These are also called

You know, perhaps this is something I should do meself on this site some year…..

What do you think?

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – want to make a great Facebook Fan Page yourself?  Click below to check out Facebook IFrame Pro – it makes creating a super-cool fan page a snap!



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