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Brief, pithy and to the point….

Did you know that Facebook now has a nifty neat IFrames thingee that makes it ‘way easier to create static FBML Facebook Fan pages?


Ever want to grab that information yourself and pour it into your current Facebook Fan Page?

Wish no more!

And behold….

Facebook IFrames Video Tutorials!




What’s that?

You’d prefer written instructions?

Well then, why didn’t you say that?  :)

Facebook IFrame Written Tutorials

Facebook IFrames Examples!

So what do you *really* need to make a great Facebook IFrames page?

It’s pretty simple actually…..

Facebook NOTEYou’ll need a website page that is no wider than 520 pixels.

In other words, potentially a fixed-width page.

You know how bunches of WordPress blogs and the like make their pages full-screen?

That’s not the case here….here, it needs to be less than or equal to 520 pixels.

Facebook NOTEYou’ll need to create a “Facebook application”.

And don’t panic!  :)

First…You sign in at the Facebook Developers page.

Then you click “Set Up New App“.

NOTE!  Your account has to first be verified before you can do this, either by adding your mobile phone number OR your credit card.

Create a Custom iFrame Tab for your Facebook Page

describes it in detail.

Once your app is done, you’ll need to:

Facebook NOTECreate a Facebook Page.

That’s generally accessed  via the Application Profile Page  (step 12 in the link above).

Finally, you simply:

Facebook NOTEAdd that application to your page.

And you’re done!

Neat, eh?

Remember, Facebook is here to stay!

So make sure it helps your business big huge bunches.  Your future bottom line will thank you for it.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

About the author

Barbara Author: Barbara Ling. 17+ Year veteran marketing entrepreneur, currently specializing in teaching others how to build a viral fanbase/community online using Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, coffee (lots of coffee, or maybe tea if that's your preference) and more! See my Google Profile here!

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  1. Barbara! how are you? It has been a while since I swung by here. I have been busy, busy, busy. I hope all is good with you!

    Anywhoo… I certainly bookmarked this page. I have previously bookmarked a couple other “I Frame tutorials meaning to get around to playing with it…but well…I will use the “busy” excuse again.

    To be frank, though (even though I am steve) I just forgot about it. SO thanks for reminding me and giving such great guidance on how to get it done.

    • My pleasure Steve! I’ve been wreaking havoc and causing minor mayhem over in my neck of the woods; lots of sickness and healing and the like. However, methinks I’m finally starting to return back to the land of the living….

  2. Hi Barbara – Thanks for including my article. I’m so glad you have video and written instructions. I’m not a fan of video tutorials because I can usually scan text faster but when I asked people what kind of tutorials they preferred, they said they liked having both :-)

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