How To Smoothly Fix Displayed Pictures on New Facebook Profile (ie, choose what you want to be seen!)

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Do you have the NEW Facebook profile?

If so, have you noticed the fact that 5 or so pictures of you show up on the main page?

And….they appear kinda sorta random to boot?

But not to fear!  It’s easy to set up which photos get seen.

And here’s how.

The pictures that are displayed are the ones in which you are most recently tagged.

So, simply re-tag your favorite photos of yourself, and voila, they will appear as your main profile pictures.

I did that meself a few days ago to great advantage!

True, if someone tags you afterwards, that picture will pop up on your profile…so you’ll need to yet again…retag once more.

Hopefully that will be made an option some year?

But for now, it’s a mighty simple fix to do.


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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Barbara Author: Barbara Ling. 17+ Year veteran marketing entrepreneur, currently specializing in teaching others how to build a viral fanbase/community online using Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, coffee (lots of coffee, or maybe tea if that's your preference) and more! See my Google Profile here!

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  1. Thanks for the warning Barbara, just this evening a doohickey popped up on my Facebook page asking if I wanted to try the new profile. I do believe I’ll stall that off just as long as I possibly can. Maybe by then they’ll fix that annoying problem of letting everyone else change your profle pic.

    Question for ya… I finally managed to set up a Facebook business page, is there a way to “connect” that to my personal wall or profile so I can try to funnel my millions, er, I mean thousands, um… ok, couple hundred friends over to that business page? I posted an invite on my wall, but got no takers yet. Of course it IS a pretty pitiful page at the moment, must study up on how to make it as impressive, well, amost as impressive as yours.

    • Hi Allan, with the new profile, you can set your current place of work to your business page (learned that from Wchingya).

      What’s your FB page? I’ll be happy to tweet about it as well. Thanks!

  2. Good idea. This will also increase our facebook traffic right… (For those bloggers who use FB to attract traffic to their blogs/websites).
    Good to know this.

  3. I never noticed if it display picture which is actually tagged. I was under impression that it only shows picture which is default profile picture. Thanks for info.

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