April 30, 2012

41+ Insanely Compelling Fresh Facebook Timeline Cover Photos… and Free Resources You Can Use To Do The Same


It’s Monday morning and the sun is shining, the birdies are mooing and the cows are tweeting and I was seized by an insane desire to research insane uses of Facebook.

Why?  Well, first of all, tomorrow Ultimate Social Challenge goes off the market – this course, provided by two of the most savvy social media entrepreneurs around, will teach you how to use Facebook, mobile, Pinterest etc. for long-term passive profits.  Woot!

(speaking of the Ultimate Social Challenge , lookie at some of the images I created for it!

see them all HERE).

But back to what I was saying!  :)

Facebook is a HUGE part of the Ultimate Social Challenge…..and…

One of the things I like about the new Facebook itself is the ability to craft some utterly insanely compelling timeline graphics!

So without any further ado…..become inspired by the below.

I was already to publish this blog post when I realized…Hey!  Why not show how easy it is to make a compelling Facebook Timeline Cover with me own?  The above was done with http://wordle.net .

I like the develop images in the background above  – nice!

Glorious use of a magnet above to relate to attraction

Love how the words spell out areas in which Kim specializes!

Focus on the visitor above – grand job Mari!

I was actually present at that seminar Brad gave down in NC – tremendous use of the projector visual for the FB cover.

Ed is a photographer and WOW!  Gorgeous picture above!

The word cloud above focuses attention … nice.

Be still above my beating heart – FONT WOOTNESS!  :)

I remember photostrips like the above!

Maarten is a Meerkat above!

I’d love to see such an image with the actual person walking on it above….

Nice use above of manual framing.

Peek a Boo above!

I’ve had days like the above too…

The above is actually a photoshopped image of FB before the timeline change.  Neat!

Kindred spirits above!

Nice use of pixels and passports above!

Love the montage above.

Facebook.  The Final Frontier! Above.

A nifty use of 3d graphics above.

A man in a box that shows a man in a box that shows a man in a box…above!

Love how the profile picture blends with the cover!

Nice, easy to read above….effective.

I like how Twitter makes an appearance above…

Tiiiiiiiimber!  Above.

Warms my techie heart above!

The spark of ? above

He shoots!  He scores!  He’s a Tiger!

Nice compelling thought above.

Ouch above!

I know several Angry Birdie Fans who would love the above…

It’s just cool….as it is above.

I like the Facebook and Twitter and Google+ splats above.

Love the Think Spring!

This was my business profile photo before I updated it this morning – it’s the stained glass I did of the movie “Free Willie”.

Very cool use of power words above.

I’m loving the colors above!

I like the certifications that are listed above too!

Very nice use of the jungley theme with the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS thingees hiding (along with YouTube and WordPress Moose Prints!)

Naomi is the author of the awesome Temeraire series – love how Temeraire is portrayed!


I sure hope the above inspires you and gives you ideas of how you can turn YOUR FB business profile into something that intrigues the visitors who want to learn more.

What’s that?

You’d like some Facebook resources to make the above yourself?

Well then!

First off, there’s some grand do-it-yourself Facebook Cover Image Editors:

And some Do It Yourself Facebook Timeline Cover PSDs:

And want to learn how to increase your long-term profits with Facebook?  The following is grand!

In a word…..

[button_icon icon=”speechbubble” color=”light” url=”http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.barbaraling.com%2F%3Fp%3D7747%26preview%3Dtrue&t=37%20Insanely%20Compelling%20Fresh%20Facebook%20Timeline%20Cover%20Photos%E2%80%A6%20and%20Free%20Resources%20You%20Can%20Use%20To%20Do%20The%20Same%20%7C%20Barbara%20Ling%2C%20Your%20Maverick%20Virtual%20Coach&src=sp” align=”center” rel=”dofollow”] WOOT! [/button_icon]

(click on the WOOT! above to share this with Facebook!)

And that about covers it today for my How To Get Inspired on Facebook Real Simple Like….Today! post.


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

I turn chaos into simplicity!

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