Does GOD practice Goju-ryu Karate or Aikido?

What God?


So nice to see you visiting my blog!  How has your day been treating you?  Me, well, it looks like my right foot has finally decided to revoke its secession from my body and actually consider healing itself; I can walk now with nary a problem (which means, yay, massive martial arts fun later on today!!). 

But I digress.  🙂

Yesterday I had a most fascinating discussion with a fellow student regarding religion and God (or the gods, whatever floats your boat).  It turns out that one kid is currently in exploration mode, and wanted to know which God was the "right" god. 

  • Is it the Catholic God?
  • Is it the Buddhist God?
  • Is it the Jewish God?
  • Is it the Hindu God?


My reaction?

Everyone has their own particular beliefs that give them comfort.  It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong for ME…if it’s right for that specific person, it’s the right God.  Everyone’s mileage varies.

Another adult answered it with this unique take:

It’s like Martial Arts.  Some people swear by Goju-ryu karate, others live for Aikido, still others worship Taekwondo….whatever path they choose to follow gives THEM the comfort and security that WORKS for them.

Isn’t that one of THE most magnificent ways you’ve heard of different religions and gods described?

I love it! 

Every person’s belief is precious and unique to THEM…and as such, should be held with honor and respect.  Certainly, you might choose to believe your friend’s religion is more wacky than the Church of the Color-Coordinated Jesus….but as you’re not walking in their shoes, what business is it to you?

Spirituality and religion should always be open to questioning and exploration.  If your religious beliefs are so weak that you refuse to listen to other opinions, perhaps you should "fix" yourself FIRST before trying to push your agenda upon others. 

I’m a firm believer in "Live and let live," and am raising my kids to view life and similar important issues in the same fashion.  I hope as they continue to grow…they’ll continue to question until they’re content with the answers that THEY themselves come up.

After all…that’s what growing up is all about.

Want some humor mixed in with your God?  Consider:



Barbara Ling


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