Google Secrets #2 – Make Dynamic Viral Photo Galleries That Your Delighted Readers Crave To Share


Today…..can be summed up with only *1* word.




Do *you* know what that word is?


Here, let me help you….




Wait, that’s not enough.

Let’s try that one more time:



Not enough yet? Hmmmmmmmm….WAIT! I HAVE IT!

My gosh, it sounds like the opening to the Prince of Egypt!



Am I right? Huh? Huh? Am I…..

My, I *have* digressed, haven’t I.  (sniff sniff) Sorry!


We’re having a moment of silence because YASDHCUOVB!

In other words,

Yet another snow day has crashed upon our very being!

Which made me realize:

“Jeepers.  I have to break out the shovels again and give my children an….opportunity!….for physical exercise.  Wheee!”

But then it steam-rollered over me!

Like, like like… the flaming marshmallow in the microwave of justice!

Like the prancing fluffy pink unicorn in the parade of profoundness!

Like the flying squirrel tornado kick in the Bruce Lee of Green Hornetness!!!!!!!

Thank you, I feel much better now.  🙂

In other words, I realized….

Perhaps 39,392 other parents besides myself were going to deal with PBCWBTDMYBOR!


Perfectly behaved children who begged to do my bidding or else!

And what would truly entrance those new readers of mine?


(cue dramatic music here)

(music like….(and btw, the following is hysterical!)

These new readers, of course, would be entranced by big huge bunches of empathy!

Empathy like:

Fire and Ice by

Frozen Stop Sign

Snow covered bus

Off roading school bus

Magic School bus!

Monster School Bus!

AT AT Schoolbus!

Pikachu School Bus!

My outside deck that inspired this post!!!


Sheer poetry, isn’t it?

And if I slanted my SEO to funny school bus photos, I’ll bet I’d have a compelling viral winner right here!


Apply this now to someone *far* more important than me….you.

Let me ask you:

  • Do *you* have a niche?
  • Do *you* want to create viral fun niche galleries or niche video collections or what have you to amuse and entrance your readers?


*Do you?*

If so, Google Images makes it easy!  And here’s how.

NOTE!Step 1.)  Ask yourself, what’s viral or funny in my niche?

It’s really easy to do!

Just search for

  • funny (niche)


  • amazing (niche)


  • photos (niche)

in Google images.

For example!

Use the above ideas to help zero in on your final viral niche topic.


NOTEStep 2.)  Search for photos that showcase this.

Ideally, you’ve already found them from Step 1, but if not, continue to refine your search.

Wasn’t that easy?

Don’t, for example, stick with a topic on which you can only find one or two glorious pictures or videos!

You can also use YouTube to look for clever or funny niche topics too!

Be creative, be clever, make your readers *smile*.

And once you have that down:

NOTE!Step 3.)  List then in your blog post complete with outbound links to the original site.

What I did was upload a smaller version of each photo to my site, and included a direct outbound link to the original site.

It’s not considered good manners, for the most part, to link directly to other sites – that eats up their own bandwidth instead of yours.

But giving good hat tips and credit to the original pictures – it’s a definite win!

Nice, eh?

Ideally, you want to gather up at least 10 great pictures or videos (because then you use “10” in your awesomely magnificent reader-compelling headline) and go from there.

And once you have your gallery up…..simply visit all those great CommentLuv enabled blogs and comment your little heart out!

That’s all there is to it.

Neat, eh?

How can *you* apply this to your niche?  I’d love to hear below!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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