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You know, I am SO over winter.  I’m more over winter than Evil Knievel is over the Snake Canyon!  More over winter than the phrase "23 Skidoo!"  More over winter than Paris Hilton’s last cup of coffee!  More over…

Okay, you get the idea, right, gentle reader?  See, this morning I awakened to a lovely snowstorm that has blanketed our region.  True, it’s only 8 inches, and yes, school is canceled, and yes, I did receive an email request to bring my mooses over for a playdate, but I have seen enough snow to last me until the last coffee cup on this planet has de-evolved into a fossilized collectible that’s sellable on eBay!

But I digress.  🙂

Today’s nifty neato blog post is targeted towards people who want to make money on the Internet.

 Have you ever bought a product online (or signed up for an ezine, or joined a free membership site, or …) and seen a big huge blazing One Time Offer that’s available for only (get this!) One Time?


It’s a very useful marketing technique indeed!  After all, the person who has seen it has probably just been sold on a product or an idea or something similar…and is in a far more receptive mode to spending even more money/time and the like.

Well!  Did you know you can get a great one time offer script for free at this link here?  G’head, click on it – you’ll see something like:

One Time Offer

Now….Reload the page!

One Time offer!

And get this – this script really and truly is 100% free. 

You can incorporate this in lots of different ways!   For example:

  • If you’re selling a product – you can include a discount to your other products as a one-time offer.
  • If you’re asking for newsletter subscribers – you can include a link to download a free report that ONLY new newsletter subscribers see
  • If you’re running a contest – you can charge other companies/contest organizers/etc. to advertise on a One Time Offer page

So….it works great, it’s free, and it’s useful in a myriad number of ways!  What are you waiting for?  Download it and profit with it today.

Click >> HERE << to get your FREE One Time Offer Script!



ps – and if you’re looking for great marketing ideas to publicize your One Time Offer goodies, check out:


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