April 9, 2012

Mighty sick, The Hero Within You, more!


Ate ‘way too much yesterday and feeling mighty sick today.  🙁  Made myself tea this morning instead of coffee – amazing, I know!  🙂

However, yesterday was rather productive (before I collapsed in a heap with my crash and burn, that is).

I finally started a FB page about a topic near and dear to me:

The Hero Within You

and you WANT to like it (trust me!  🙂  ) as it will be chockfull of the inspirational photos I’ve made over the years (and the goodies I’ve found as well!).  So…please do like it – much obliged!

And…I’m definitely going ahead with The Pinning Games (makes the odds forever be in your favor!) which will showcase other ways I’m using Pinterest to drive traffic/create me brand.  Woot!

And hungry?  Grab some of today’s gloriousness over at

and be sure to follow the storyline from there.  🙂

Starting the day,

Barbara Ling


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