July 22, 2008

Make money WITH your blog Tutorial – Take Over Google Part 1

Make Money Blog!Morning!

Yesterday I offered you the rather, ahem, unique? idea of how to make money with your blog via option 1, free web games and making your blog into a destination of unending fun and excitement!

But perhaps for you, gaming just doesn’t flap your earlobes.  Yes indeed, perhaps instead, you’d prefer to tackle a more dignified aspect of making money with your blog!

Never fear – your answer is:

Option 2 to make money with your blog)  Take ownership of Google Part 1 – Performance reviews.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  If you own Google, by the Law of Bureaucracy, you own Google Adsense.  And you can simply explain to the peons who work there that while of COURSE Google should NEVER EVER give one site an added boost against another, performance reviews ARE coming up and oh by the way, here’s your blog.

Option 3 to make money with your blog)  Take ownership of Google Part 2 – Add an Adsense membership fee.

If you own Google Adsense, you could put in an extra, ummmmmm….service fee!

Yes!  That’s the ticket! 

You could decree that every site that ran Adsense had to pay a teeny tiny itsy bitsy smigen-widgen…. “Elite MemberShip Fee”, say, like 89% of the earnings.  That could be sent to you to maintain your own blog and hence, make money WITH your blog.

Hey, you never know.  :)



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