Insane Luxury – 17K 1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Guitar

Freakin' yummy guitarMorning!

Imagine the following!  You’ve just finished clearing your 8 figures a month and are sitting on the white sandy beaches of your beachfront luxury mansion that was modeled after the 12th century Scottish Castle in which Robert the Bruce won the heart of his fair lady love (points to whomever indicates the mashing of historical facts above!  🙂  ) when you’re seized by an insance desire to….croon your adoration out towards your OTL (one true love).

Would ANY guitar do?  I ask you this, gentle reader, would it????

Heck NO!  Remember:

Nothing says FREAKIN’ YEEHAH! in the guitar world like  a 1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, right! 

I’m sure you’ll agree, and if you have great big huge heapin’ amounts of moolah, you too can bid on (and I quote):

Okay, here’s an all original (please spare me the questions about originality as this one is 100% original down to each and every screw) 8.25 out of 10 clean 1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top. This is a true one owner example that has only been played in the open chord area!!!

I have provided around 50 pictures of it that should answer just about any question and shows all of the parts in detail.   This is not a cobbled together guitar and I want to make that perfectly clear. ….

….What’s really important to any Stud/Wrap Tail Les Paul is that it has a great neck angle (this one does) and that the studs are straight up and not leaning forward…this one has dead straight studs and with about a 1/4 inch clearance so there is plenty of room to clear the pickup and to lower or raise the action.

Speaking of the action, this one sets up perfectly with low action and the neck is dead straight on the treble side and just a hint of relief on the bass side.  The frets are original and show little if any wear past the 5th fret…there is some pitting in the open chord area to go with wear to the fingerboard, but doesn’t effect the playablity at all. The neck is typical of 1954, big, round and and plain fun to play.

The electronics are dead stock and work nicely, no signs of the grey tigers loosing any of their capacitance and the tone controls roll off perfectly.  The volume pots also are in fine running order.

The pickups read in at 8.21K and 7.44K and have the wonderful P-90 tone going on.  I personally like the P-90/Wrap tone over the PAF/TOM as the P-90’s are sweeter and have better attack and control and the Wrap Tail just gives more control in the sustain.

Speaking of the Wrap Tail, it’s in great shape and is not pitted or grooved out as is often the case.

The finish isn’t showing much if any greening, but does have pick wear, edge wear as shown in the pictures.  There isn’t much if any buckle rash on the back.   Look at the pictures for the condition as I’ve shown it very well.

The tuners are as clean as I’ve seen and keep it in excellent tune…all of the plastic is original and without cracks or issues.

The all important neck joint is pristine and just to cover all ground, there have been no repairs, need of repairs on this no issue Gold Top.

It ships in it’s original Lifton 4 Latch Hardshell case that is in equally clean condition as the guitar and includes the original strap!

This is a true Collector Grade Gold Top and happens to also be a Great Player!  The best of both worlds all in one great Gibson!….MORE….

The auction ends in 2 days – will you be the lucky bidder?  You KNOW you want to click here to check out this Insane Luxury Guitar Auction!  If so, drop me a line and regale me with all the luscious details!!

‘course, if that’s a bit too much (personally I think so – that kind of price should be reserved for Wild Thing trumpets), you can always enjoy:


or even



Sing a song for me while you’re at it. 🙂




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