August 1, 2008

Join ME on Facebook! (plus 119+ Must See Facebook Resources including Marketing, Education, Security, Apps and more!)

Welcome!I suppose it had to happen – I’ve finally gotten serious about building my Facebook business network.

You can join my network on Facebook HERE! 

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Barbara Ling post if I didn’t scout about for super-nifty Facebook resources to help you really benefit from the site:

NOTE!General Facebook Marketing Resources:

Next, as masters of social networking, you’re probably interested in:

NOTE!Facebook and Twitter and Friendfeed:

Is there an off-chance you, like me, find hacking apps to be a most exciting way to spend 473 hours?  If so, feast your eyes on:

NOTE!Facebook Apps and Hacks:

It goes without saying that EVERYONE uses WordPress (or should!  🙂  ):

NOTE!Facebook and WordPress Plugins:

And of course, it just wouldn’t be a Barbara Ling post without a tip ‘o the hat to the delights of  mobile and iPhone technology:

NOTE!Facebook and iPhone or Mobile Phones:

Worried about your Privacy and Facebook security?  You’re smart!  Mosey on to:

NOTE!Facebook Safety and Facebook Security

And finally, in honor of my fellow parents who love teaching their kids:

NOTE!Facebook and Higher Education:

Hope you enjoy!

Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about Facebook:


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