Why Princeton NEVER Apologizes for its Fees…and Why You Should NOT Either

So you have a product or service that you market online.

And you hate "sales."

Enjoy being poor do we?

One of the biggest challenges people like you and me have online is our tendency to apologize for charging what we're worth.

I completely understand, of course….I used to be like that as well!  Sales, to me, were an anathema only slightly smaller than dealing with soulless minivans that refuse to move, laundry machines that consume every sock known to mankind, and the other assorted icknesses that plague modern living.

But that's in the past.  I know my value, I know the benefits I offer to my customers and clients…and I'm worth at least twice as much as I charge.

Chances are, you are too!  But how on earth do you make that bold leap across the chasm of "Selling is EVIL" to "Look at the bargain you're getting!"?

While the answer is easy, putting it into PLACE is NOT.


The answer is this.

  • You don't chase the money.
  • You let the money…chase YOU.

In other words, you build up your reputation for excellence and service online (with NO apologies for what you charge, I might add)…and you begin to stand out, head and shoulders, above the thundering herd.

Getting there from here, however…now that's the stuff of epic quests!

How DO you start to charge what you're worth?

Now, I'm not the only person to write about this, of course – you can read other great ideas like:

I really love all the insights that are shared above!

What helped me was realizing the following.

1.)  Service providers never apologize for charging ME.

If I want my car fixed, I pay for it.  Additionally, if I want my site redesigned by the most awesome design firm in the world, I pay for it.

Not only do I pay for it, I'm happy to do so….because the quality is legendary.

As is what you provide to your customers.

2.)  Princeton never apologizes for its tuition.

Why should it?  Its name is synonymous for quality.

Heck, vocational schools never apologize either!  Fancy that!

Education – it's a commodity.  And if you're providing it, you should charge for it.

3.)  If I don't believe in my quality, why on earth should others?

The fact is, there are times where a higher price makes prospective customers feel they're getting a better deal.  Quality by itself implies a desired criteria, and as that's MY trademark, I should charge the same way.

If I act as though I'm bargain basement, bye-bye! goes the aura and perception I am carefully nurturing online.

I know my value.  And I'll bet you…you do too!

Once I got those realizations in place, I began to:

4.)  View myself differently.

I'm not part of the crowd.

I'm not part of the herd.

I'm an acknowledged leader in my field.

But that's me, and not as important as YOU.

  • Do YOU constantly come up with great ideas?
  • Do YOU help your colleagues when problems arise?
  • Do YOU offer products/services that you can proudly stand behind?

If so, you're not part of the thundering herd either. 

You're a leader.

Charge accordingly.

5.)  View my network differently.

My network (the folks with whom I interact on Twitter, Facebook, my lists, etc.) are not "just" a network.

They're people with whom I'd like to stay in touch for a long long time!

If we buy from each other, great!  And if not, that's great too…because we can still tell our friends/network about the other.

Thus, I really do NOT have to make a sale the first time someone comes to my site.  Heck, it doesn't matter if the sale (money-wise) is NEVER made….because those same people can refer others to me.

As I can do for them.

A win win no matter what!

But again, that's trivial right now…what about YOU?

Do you try to squeeze every last penny out of your lists?

Do you try to get to know your network by name?  What they like drinking?  What part of the world they live in…and then say Good Morning OR Good Afternoon for them when it's appropriate?

It's the little things in life that can really make a difference….especially when engaging in social marketing.

In closing, sure, you can continue to feel that Sales Are Evil.

But remember, You Are Quality.

Act like it.  Your bottom line will thank you for it forever after.


Barbara Ling

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