RANT – What the eBay Affiliate Program is Missing Part 1 – Celebrity Endorsements!

eBay affiliate program rant #1As you probably can tell from this site, I utterly adore the eBay affiliate program – it’s helped me generate a 6 figure income in years past!

But still, even as worshipful as I might be, I can still admit when things could, how shall I say, be improved.  Thus begins my series about what the eBay Affiliate program is missing – hope you enjoy it!

Quite frankly, I’m certain you’ll agree with me that

eBay == Weird Al

to most consumers is, well, kinda sorta frustrating to the max. 

eBay is missing Top Celebrity Credibility!!

True!  He did immortalize it like so:

but couldn’t the eBay affiliate program use….a different form of celebrity sparkle? 

Perhaps, oh, Cap’t Picard could endorse it like so:

Make it So,eBay

or perhaps Bon Jovi could sing

Woah, hoah, we’re halfway there, woah, hoh, I’m livin’ on a bear! (that I won on eBay!)….

So what do YOU think?  Which celebrity should get the word out and endorse eBay?

I think that if the world knew how truly steller the eBay affiliate program was, there would be far less bloggers who are frustrated trying to make money online….



ps – speaking about the eBay affiliate program, lookie at all these goodies:

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