57 Stellar 2010 Black Friday Bright Shiny Resources You Do NOT Want To Miss (including Red Friday to boot!)

Why good morning, you!

And how are you today, this exciting day after that awesome American holiday known as "One Day Before Black Friday"?

Yes indeed, today is Black Friday, the day where normal individuals like you and me cast off their dull, boring antiseptic lives and instead coverly don on the brilliant shimmering fabulous cloak of "OUTTA MY WAY, FOOL!" as they bravely and boldly (and sometimes toting a spare 23 ton bulldozer as backup) plow their way through hordes of other like-minded Urban, ummmm….heros.

Sounds familiar, eh?

But not me and my husband! Oh no, oh no!  For we have done the impossible!

We have designated "Black Friday" as (drumroll please) "Red Friday!"

We surely did.  And it was glorious!  We….

What's that?

You don't *know* what Red Friday is?

It's simple!

It's the day that you realize anything with more of a pulse than a fossilized eggplant will be *elsewhere* than the local blood clinic….so you can get your bloodwork done *fast*.

Oh, it was *heavenly*!

What normally takes 1.5 hours in waiting was over within 14 minutes!

And after the husband and I were finished, we sedately drove to Perkins and indulged ourselves in a wondrously yummy breakfast to boot. 

'Twas a romantic morning indeed!

So we've now agreed that we're going to schedule every required medical procedure on Red Friday – the lack of lines is utterly ambrosial.

Confess – you agree!  You really do!

But I digress.  🙂

For the rest of the world, of course, Black Friday really does mean spending enough money to power 7 3rd world countries while simultaneously dressing up oneself with brass knuckles, samurai swords and assort small venomous creatures scoring great deals.

But now you must be asking yourself:

"Jeepers self, where can I get this hugely soul-satisfying massively magnificent online discounts so I owe even more on my credit card?"


Well then, fear not, gentle reader, for I have bravely yet boldly, fearlessly yet covertly, calmly yet (hang on, must check Thesaurus) with style and dignity….found the following goodies for you.  Enjoy!

NOTE!Black Friday For Bloggers!

SALE!!Lots of great BF deals for BF peoples!  Check out:

My magnificent toolkit, Fast Track Affiliate Marketing Power GOLD – normally $57, slashed to only $27 for Black Friday 2010!

There now, I think that was huge enough.  🙂 

What's that? I didn't add enough yellow highligher?  My apologies!  How's:

My magnificent toolkit, Fast Track Affiliate Marketing Power GOLD – normally $57, slashed to only $27 for Black Friday 2010!

Gotta love font editing!  🙂

Let's now move to:

and then

From there, move adroitly to:

NOTEBlack Friday For Everyone Else!

followed by:

But to shop on Black Friday…you really do need:

NOTE2010 Black Friday Tips, Cheat Sheets, Resources and MORE!

not to mention:

But do NOT forget!

No Black Friday roundup would be complete without:

NOTE!Black Friday Social Media Like Facebook, Foursquare and More!

along with

What's that?

You want Black Friday and Twitter?

Well then, why didn't you say so???

NOTE!2010 Black Friday and Twitter!


Whew, that certainly is a lot of goodies eh?

But we're not done yet!!

Black Friday Video Tips and Tricks!

I think that's enough to get you started, eh?  🙂

What's that?


I am sooo sorry – how on earth could I have forgotten:

Black Friday 2010 Amazon.com!

Black Friday Cameras!

Black Friday Computers!


Hope you have a magnificent stress-free Black Friday!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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