The Art of Steaming Your Children To Health – Home Remedies for Sore Throats


It’s the weekend!  Yay!  And how did the past week treat you?

I confess, my week was utterly superly Magnificent and quite spiffy to boot!  Ever since I did my site redesign, my newsletter signups have increased, my feed subscribers have shot upwards, my ebook is selling peachy, and overall, things couldn’t be better.

Well, okay, that’s a weeee bit of a lie, because my family’s health could use a bit of boosting, I’ll admit.  Prior to school ending, my eldest came down with false mono (false, as it wasn’t mono, but wow, did she have all the symptoms!)…and apparently was kind enough to wait a few days before passing on the joy.  Wheeee!

End result?  Some of family has a scratchy throat.  Can you imagine another physical condition more joyful, save perhaps Jock itch or maybe Chicken Pox between the toes?

Ah well, these things happen.  However, being a devout believer in (dare I say it?) common sense, I’ve hit on 2 useful techniques to help kids recover sooner.  And they are:

1.)  Steam ’em with Essential Peppermint Oil!

I’ll either run a hot shower, build up the steam, sprinkle in the peppermint oil, turn off the water and have the kids step inside, or put some boiling Pepperminted water in a bowl and let them breathe in the steam.  It’s very potent but helps greatly in dislodging any flem at the back of the throat.

2.)  Gargle with Cayenne Pepper and Salt!

These two miracle ingredients (remember, I’m the master chef of chili-pepper soup!) when combined not only produce a liquid that could dissolve sun-baked concrete, but also work wonders in helping reduce throat swelling as well.  I’ll confess right now – my kids can’t handle the Cayenne pepper well, so they gargle only with salt, but for me, it has amazing results.

Want other resources for natural healing?  I found:

Remember, you don’t always have to rely on the doctor – sometimes home brewing can work just fine.


Barbara Ling


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ps – speaking about sore throats:


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