May 29, 2008

The Secret about Suzie Cheel You WANT to know

Abundance HighwayThe secret about Suzie Cheel can be summed up in the following one word:

Proactive Action!

Okay, true, that’s 2 words.  But the point still remains!

I’ve been following Suzie now for 2 or 3 years but it’s only been recently that I’ve seen her absolutely blossom with brillianc regarding her online goals.

Tell me now…how many people do you hear bemoan the fact they want to earn money online…but when push comes to shove, somehow never get the courage to make it so?

Suzie has demonstrated this admirably!  Earlier this month, she set forth her BAHG (big hairy audacious goal) like so:

…My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to be in Vancouver, BC, Canada for Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Certified Facilitators Program from June 5th – 8th, and not forgetting Wednesday Night International Meet and Greet, on 4th June….MORE…

‘course, words are just that….words!  It’s the actions that count.  And here’s what she’s proactively put into place:

plus several other brilliant activities as well.

Gold AnvilRemember…her secret is that she ACTS!   She doesn’t wait for a 16 ton anvil of gold to drop on her head – she takes the initiative to achieve her goals.

I’m really impressed!  Why not visit the Abundance Highway today?  You can learn alot about making money online, The Law of Attraction, and plain simple determination from it…it’s definitely well-worth your time.



ps – do you have an admirable secret in the way you do business online?  Drop me a note and if it’s of interest to my readers, I’ll be happy to write about you.

pps – speaking about attractive things…..


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