June 12, 2008

Time Sensitive Insane Luxury – 200K Ancient Territorial Princely and Noble Title

Princely titleMorning! 

Picture the following.  After reviewing your 7 figure income over the past 3 business days, you suddenly realize:

My gosh!  I’m still of merchant stock!

The pain, the agony, the trauma…but don’t despair, gentle reader, for I have the ultimate answer for you!

If you can’t claim noble bloodlines…..buy them instead! 

To wit:

…You are bidding on one legally verifiable title of nobility. We are the only legitimate broker of titles on eBay. This Ancient Territorial Princely title will give you all legal papers including the letters patent you see above. Ask questions, get true legal evidence. The letters patent above is a low resolution digital representation of the stunning letters patent created by heraldic artists. The letters patent you will receive is illuminated on vellum with gold as this is an ancient territorial title. You will also receive a personal letter of thanks from the Prince. The letters patent is written in the most exquisite ancient Italian. The lettering and art of the letters patent have a beautiful texture. It is sure not to disappoint. You will also receive the formal English translation of the letters patent. The English translation gives a beautiful feel to the ancient Italian. Full size letters patent image can be requested as well as legal verification of this title.

This Princely title is a secondary title of the Princely family we represent. The Family has decided to auction this once in a lifetime on the market title to the public. This title includes the right of fons honorum which will allow the holder to grant titles.

This Princely title entitles you and your spouse to hold the title which can be left to your posterity. You will be titled Prince or Princess as the holder of this title. This Princely title is a title of nobility (ennobled status). This Princely includes a physical realm. This Princely is classified as Ancient and Territorial. This Princely also includes Coat of Arms Petition and Grant ….MORE….

Just think how cool it would be to receive spam paper mail addressed to Prince or Princess.  :)


Barbara Ling

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ps – speaking about Princely Goodness:



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