May 15, 2008

Today’s Words of Wisdom – 4 Simple Steps Anyone Can Do For Mega Publicity

Words of WisdomToday’s Words of Wisdom are brought to you from @ShannonNelson!   I read the following Tweet for her, and yet again was astounded at just how she "gets it."

And I quote:

….Stumble, digg comment, repeat err retweet!

I think that’s a perfect description of superSavvy Marketing Magnificence!! 

The link to which she is referring is definitely worth a looksee – it’s Improving Brand Value Through Social Media: Zappos Gets it Right.  She reveals how Zappos (big name company) uses Twitter, the future views of their CEO with regards to social networking and much much more.

Do you have Words of Wisdom you’d like to see mentioned here?  

Drop me a note and if I think it will entrance or educate or amuse or astound my readers, I’ll be happy to blog about it.



ps – speaking about Zappos:




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