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Every now and then, yours truly (ie, the coffee-deprived poor soul who is still fantasizing about her coffee maker returning from the Land of the Dead), gets slapped upside the headed regarding RIT (really important things)!

I had joined Stumbleupon, oh, gee, months ago…but never really got my rear in gear to take advantage of its wholesome magnificence!  During the past 3 hours, I’ve been patiently wending my way thru all the Stumbleupon goodness that exists online…so of course, I have to write a blog post about it.  Hope you find it useful!


To begin, let’s consider:

NOTEFollow me on my Stumble Network!  Or that only on Twitter:)

My SU page is http://owlbert.stumbleupon.com .  I’d love to network with you!  

That out of the way, dive directly into:

NOTE!Free Stumbleupon Tutorials

StumbleRush GoodiesToday I signed up for the free, supremely well-done Stumble Rush Tutorial by Caroline Middlebrook.  10 of her lessons are offered for free, and let me tell you…they knocked me socks off!  I’m sockless (something that truly amused my children).  I can highly recommend her stuff.

Next, I came across these following useful sites as well!

Stumbleupon tutorials and guides are wonderful, definitely do check them out.

Next, let’s delve bravely into:

NOTE!Advanced Stumbleupon Tips

and yeehah, don’t forget:

NOTE!Joyful Stumbleupon Goodness

not to mention the heart-pounding excitement awaiting you at

Stumbleupon and the iPhone!

But wait!  There’s more!  Check out:

NOTE!Exciting Stumbleupon Plugins and Apps

and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention:

NOTE!StumbleUpon Exchange Sites!

And people think I have no life!  HAH!  I showed them!  Yessiree, I certainly did! 



Barbara Ling

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    • About 2 hours or so. I had almost finished the post when my, ahem, draft-saving thingee….failed with a capital F. Amazing the things you can do with it, eh?


  1. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for such a great list of resources on SU. I’ve seen much traffic from SU but only from other Stumblers. In fact I was told it’s bad to stumble your own posts. I also learned that traffic though massive is often non-targeted. Any truth on this you think?
    Peter Lee

    work from home business blog’s last blog post..Link Love No.15-Make Money Blogging On Internet

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