3 Blazingly Simple Ways To Create Lusciously Compelling Web 2.0 Graphics (logos, icons, etc)


Tell me quick – do you crave shiny buttons and compelling logos and life-like graphics for your website business?

If so, ever wish you could…..make them YOURSELF without having to deal with Photoshop, Gimp or the like?

Sure you do!

Well, let me tell you this exciting nifty bit of wondrous news – I've been working feverishly on my CSAIP (current secret amazingly inspirational product) and had to research just how to make fantastic buttons like this one.


Ain't that the purtiest shiniest button you ever did see?

Well!  I'm a Photoshop geek meself, so I will confess – I made it myself.  However, with the directions in which my current actions are taking me….I really do NOT want to spend time in the future hacking out my graphics!

Hence this post.  Did you know there are premium online graphics creators out there you can use yourself?

Here are some of them!

1.)  Quick Web Creations

Quick Web GraphicsThe types of images this site lets you create online dazzles both the mind and the imagination!  You have to click over and check it out and see what's offered: this will most likely be the package I myself buy.

It offers everything I need – the reflected text, the shiny backgrounds, lots and lots and lots of other luscious goodies!  The cost is quite minimal too – it's a definite WIN! (that Attention! button above was made with it).

Chick HERE to chick it out.




2.)  GR Sites

This is a really great site to help you create gel buttons and the like!  Thing is, unless you're a premium member, the final output is always set to really teeny tiny!  Cost here is a bit more than Quick Web Creations  (going on yearly use), but is still something you should definitely check out.

Chick HERE to chick it out.


Don't want to spend the money on Photoshop?  You can use the open source Gimp instead!

And if you want to master it, you can check out various and sundry Gimp how-tos online.    One of them, Master the GIMP Online, contains over 20+ video tutorials, 100s of ready-made graphics and more.  Thus, if you don't want to go with the Quick Web Creations tool  mentioned above, teaching yourself how to make great graphics with GIMP is definitely a possibility.

4.)  Search for Photoshop Tutorials

There are literally thousands of Photoshop Tutorials on the Internet!

Simply search for

Photoshop tutorial

You'll be returned a plethora of tutorials that you can use to teach yourself anything you'd like to learn. 

For me, though….I've been Photoshopizing now since 1996….and while I do adore making my own graphics, I'm seasoned enough that time is money for me…and I much prefer achieving in a few minutes what would manually take me hours instead!  For me, it's money well spent.

But the most important question is…what's it to YOU?  I'd love to hear your ideas!


Barbara Ling

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