September 17, 2009
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GOING to Write an eBook? Promote it with Twitter hashtags!

eBook empire

Thinking about writing an eBook?

Great idea!  But let me first suggest that you…

Think of a hashtag to promote it.

It’s actually quite simple, really!  When you’re in project creation mode or ebook-writing mode or thinking-about-anything for-the-future mode…you want to alert your audience to that fact.

Hashtags make this easy!

Back when I was writing Income Fitness, Book 1, I would periodically tweet something about my progress like so:

  • Writing #IncomeFitness#ebook  last chapter, YAY!


  • Have to write the salescopy for #IncomeFitness – hate writing sales copy!

Seeding your timeline with references to your future product…it’s a very good thing to do indeed!

Got questions about Twitter hashtags?  Check out:

You can even “register” your hashtag at Twubs too!

If you can define an entire hashtag around your brand (like I did for #IncomeFitness), it will help your marketing when your ebook finally IS ready for distribution.

Your income’s fitness will thank you for it.  :)


Barbara Ling

ps – if you’d like THE best resource for writing an ebook, click below for:

Building Your eBook Empire
(I learned a lot from it meself!)

eBook empire

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